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If it weren't for liberals like you the NRA could get back to the basics, but as long as you idiots keep attacking gun owners with reckless abandon and false numbers they must stand against you and that hurts all of us!
And just because I might choose guns that differ from the ones you like doesn't mean my choice is any more dangerous than yours!
As a matter of fact I seriously doubt that you ,coeumo or Jeff Hall even own a gun at all but if you do California is waiting to welcome you with open arms and plenty of restrictions!
An Abrams tank from 300 miles away!
You fail to accept the limitations of our military equipment and you underestimate the number of gun owners in America!
You also assume that our enlisted men and women will take up arms against their own family and friends, you also forget about our National Guard that is controlled by the individual states and posses far more arms than what the military does within the continental United States!
The number of gun owners in Texas alone would probably outnumber all of out military combined, and then you have 48 other states that could provide reinforcements as needed, or if needed!
The NRA leads the conversation, they call for enforcement of the gun laws that are already on the books,(something over a thousand I believe), but it falls on deaf ears!
Liberals are not interested in curbing so called gun violence, (which is actually criminal violence), they are all about control of the population which requires us to be disarmed!
You people fall for all the statistics that the liberal media choose to throw out without checking to see if it is accurate, and most of it is misleading at best!
One of their favorite lines is that America has the highest number of crimes committed with guns in the free world, although this is true in part it doesn't reflect reality in that we are not all in such danger!
If you simply remove all the large Democratic controlled cities from that equation America falls down below #40!
If you remove all the crimes committed by black men we also drop way down the list!
You see what we really need new laws to address are Democrats, black men and illegal aliens! Then we could go back the way it was when I was a child and know one even locked their doors at night!



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