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Why would a slav who lives in Eastern Europe care about the slavpill?

Eastern Europe became a huge whorehouse after collapse of communism. You're not just competing with other Slavs but also with tourists and rich Western men looking for wives. Also Slavic women are bombarded with Western propaganda how local Slavic men are ugly and low value and how they should go for rich progressive foreign men. Slavic women also have the highest SMV on the planet and are attractive to literally every other race. If you live in an urban area of Slavlands where a lot of tourists and foreign students come it's very over for you.

What I noticed over the years as Slav in Slavland is that Germanic or Mediterranean (or overall western) looking Slavs always out preform Slavic looking Slavic.

Exactly. The Chads in Slavlands are either Germanic looking pretty boys in Western Slavlands and Russia (former Vikinglands) or Oriental-ish Turkish looking high T Chads in Balkans.

A western man 'ascends' because he is assumed by default to be richer then almost anyone in EE.

But they're not betabuxing. Who was Roosh betabuxing? Or other foreign exotic men who just come to EE to pump and dump? Or foreign students who don't even have jobs yet. Just don't be Slavic in Slavlands theory is legit. Roosh literally admitted that he was able to get women because he didn't look like a Slav.

Where are tons of ugly women is slavlands but best looking ones make it out of where in western world more often.

Most of women are unattractive (without make up) everywhere. But Slavic women probably look the best. The best way to confirm this is to look at female athletic teams from each country because that is the best sample of average, healthy (fit) women. Slavic women teams look by far the best.



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