crazylove35 and Tall Timbers #fundie

(in response to an article on environmentalists having an anti-Exxon meeting due to its contribution to climate change)

Thanks for the link. Very interesting data. It's totally like the medieval church where you had inquisitions, heresy laws, fines and punishments. Only now, climate change is the church. Should we expect to see people losing their jobs over this? Two my friends lost ther jobs already. But they are willing to engage in eco-friendly farming, but what will do everyone?

Tall Timbers:
With regards to job losses, take a look at the coal industry. We're in the middle of significant job losses already due to the man-made global climate change lie. I don't think I'm a criminal for that prior sentence just yet, but there are those who would make criminals out of anyone who doesn't at least pretend to buy in to the hoax...



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