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What If I could present this idea that, atheistically, evolution was not the only alternative to spirituality/religious beliefs? – Regardless of the fact, religion means, “self-immersion in holisticism.” - 
Indeed, I am quite interested in evaluating the alternative routes to an atheistic reality. So perceive this:
If opals can be found all around the globe, and topaz too, diamonds, oils, reoccurring minerals, gems of various varieties, as well as common chemical compounds.

Then what, is to suggest that DNA also, cannot have multiple simultaneous or divided origins?

DNA is limited to the molecular composure of our reality, and must be stable and efficient in order to be sustainable or present in current day observation. DNA must also be compatible with a cell, which is also limited to our molecular composure, and must be sustainable or optimal to exist.

Thus, since cells and DNA have a limited amount of forms they can exist in, it is no coincidence that they are similar. There was simply no option for variation. THUS, it IS possible, that there is no common ancestry between monkeys of each variety, felines of different kinds, humans and apes, elephants and rhinos, and the predominant population of species on the planet.

Justly, because these are all assertions which use all the observed sciences applied to the theory of evolution. It is equally as plausible.

Each lineage can have uniquely originated in isolated situations.
Limbs, organs and parts of the body are nothing but reoccurring patterns on a molecular scale. Thus, it is not hard to understand the similarities between living species.
AH HA. And what I have done is presented skepticism to Evolution, by evaluating an alternative theory. I did not use skepticism as a debate tactic, but instead created it analytically.

Liberate yourself.
And eat up dat pudding.
Zero-common ancestry Atheism.

This, is superior to eating up the heavily invested in theory of evolution used to manipulate the populations into indulgence, selfishness, isolation and bigotry. Which is the theory the cartels fund heavily to promote prostitution.



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