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I have been so discouraged by Harvest Baptist Church on Guam, because I needed them but they didn't need me, and I gave my heart, money and soul away to others at the church in God's love for the year I was there in 2014, and I was excited to share THE TRUTH of the free Gospel of grace (they teach Lordship Salvation) and the Word of God (they use the Satanic Easy-To-Read Version) with everyone I could; consequently, I was called “a cult” (along with Dr. Jack Hyles over the King James Bible debate) and forced out of my HBC church family, abandoned by Harvest and when I tried in loneliness and desperation to go back in 2017, I was cold-heartedly told by the senior and associate pastors to “go elsewhere”!

Well, I have nowhere else to go and don't go to church anymore, but that's on them! I know what loneliness feels like. I know what rejection by my Christian peers feels like! My wife divorced me in 2006 and I have lived along for 12 years. I was hoping to find a Christian wife at Harvest, but they couldn't care less about me, nor what happens to me.

Kindly, there was a man named Ben Fieldhouse who once attended Harvest Baptist Church. He had some marriage problems, which you can read online. Ben was a member of Harvest. When his marriage problems turned legal, he went and commit suicide in 2010. They didn't find his bodily remains until 2 years later in 2012, on the cliffline at Ritidian Point on Guam. My heart goes out to Ben. He was only 49 years old; I am now 51. Ben was 5' 6"; I am 5' 7". Ben was 140 pounds; I am 150 pounds. Ben loved walking; I love walking. Ben was Caucasian; I am Caucasian. I cannot help wonder if Ben felt unloved by Harvest Baptist Church like I do. I mean, he was a member of their church family; but in his darkest hour of life he went and killed himself. Was there not one person at HBC that he could reach out to for help? I guess not, just like me. I'm just a nobody to Harvest's pastors and staff, just a troublemaker, a nuisance, a sinner that should just disappear like Ben.

You know, the ministry is about loving and helping people, not salaries and growing the church. I once heard the senior pastor say they are interested in obeying, not growing. That's sounds good, but if he really meant what he said, then he would care about his hurting Christian brother, and not set me at nought.



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