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RE: Wow, we're cured. Thank you.


All of these things that apply to men, apply to women as well. Have a good face structure, big tits, be respected and liked by people - by the way, this is way more important for women than for men. Just look at slut shaming, for example.

And as someone who is just average weight, aka neither fat not fit, it takes a shit ton effort to eat and exercise in a way that only maintains your weight. Not to mention that even female athletes have cellulite and stretchmarks, let alone your average Jane who works a 9-5 office job. So it's not as simple as "just don't eat like a pig and you'll look like a model lol".

Men are also not considered worthless if they dare get past the age of 30.

most men are actually incapable of loving women; they only see them as bangmaids and external evidence of his social status. most men would never date an ugly skinny woman even if he was attracted to her because he wouldn't be able to show her off to his friends. there are men who date skinny staceys but secretly cheat with fat women, transwomen, men, etc. because they're too much of a coward to be honest.


Tf. You could literally get a loyal and attractive pickme just by existing as a man. Also I’ve literally been called fat before by a moid even at 108 pounds. And just because a moid will settle for you, doesn’t mean he’ll treat you right, because you’re not the prize he originally wanted. He’ll treat you like dirt and justify it in his mind since he’s such a ‘nice guy’ for even picking you! They forgot:

-Don’t have excess body hair

-have good social skills

-be liked by men and respected by other women

-have big ass and huge perky tits

-have a tiny waist

-have long hair

-have a good hairline

-have neotenic facial features

-Be between 5’3-5’8

-be able to pass the ‘take her swimming on the first date test’

-be feminine

-wear dresses and jewelry

-learn to cook and clean

-be a pure virgin

-DON’T focus on your career, yet always be able to pay on dates and afford your expensive beauty products and treatments

-In some cases, don’t be anything but white or Asian, especially not black!



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