Romello Gaghan 2 #racist

Why Do Some Ethnics Think Whites Better Looking When We Look Like Corpses?

This is true. Whites look like crypt keepers. We are the most lifeless, creepiest, most awkardest looking race their is. Not to mention the so called stereotypes about whites being corny,not being able to rightly relate to others, having no soul or rhythm, be it in manner of speech or anything else, are not stereotypes at all but rather reliable facts. The only race that comes close to rivaling the honkeys in this regard is the northeast asians, but even that's not comparable. At least they can claim beautiful forms of spirituality and culture that make the WASPy brand of Christianity most whites in the west adhere to on paper look like it has the depth of a downs syndrome toddler, which it does.

Yes people, it's official. Whites are the most genetically and emotionally fucked up people there are. No denying it now. You can cope with tinder experiments and what not, but those are white chads.



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