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( @UniversalDelirium )
Gee, I wonder why anti-semitism is on the rise. Total mystery.

spoilerThe amount of antisemitism coming
from all corners is fucking alarming
yes I am racist! I hate white people!

( @Halp )

spoilerAnti-Semitism is a disease.
You catch it from Jews.


( @Jew4FreeSpeech )
@Resist_Jewish_Supremacy @UniversalDelirium
it's OK to be White

it's awesome to be White

it's Ok to be Brown

it's awesome to be Brown

( @Resist_Jewish_Supremacy )
Hey look everybody. A "good jew"
Also known as "controlled opposition".

Remember brothers and sisters:

Good jew or bad jew...
You're still getting jewed

( @AlexanderBeu )
@Jew4FreeSpeech @Resist_Jewish_Supremacy @UniversalDelirium

Go be a pedo faggot jew cancer with your awesome jewish pedo faggot cancers you worthless kike.

( @Resist_Jewish_Supremacy )
@AlexanderBeu @Jew4FreeSpeech @UniversalDelirium isn't his post the perfect example of how they use jews as controlled opposition in the conservative movement?
His name "Jews for free speech " these are the operatives who keep whites focused on anything except the reality that they are being genocide from every angle Including multiculturalism which this jew is making statements supporting

( @BuddhistBob )
@UniversalDelirium we hate you too Jew.

( @DeboonDaboom )
@BuddhistBob @UniversalDelirium Hates white people, yet decides to live in their country. Why doesn't he go to Isreal?

( @ApatheticExtinction )
@UniversalDelirium Oh we're just getting started jewboy. He hasn't seen anything yet

( @MasonCutlip )

spoilerJews choking on their loxism when kicked out of another Nation for no reason



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