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If you don't believe that weather can be manipulated then you probably believe that cloud seeding is just a "conspiracy theory". MSM media has now made Alex Jones their whipping boy because he exposes the lies of MSM I don't always agree with him and his voice gets irritating but to quote one of my few journalist heroes Greg Palast as far from a right wing journalist as you can get said "I love Alex Jones. If I were a woman, I'd appear on his show in my highest heels and shortest mini-skirt.Journalistically, Jones has iron balls." He also went on to write "Which is part of the reason Alex is such a hero in the forgotten America – he has the cojones to venture where the mainstream media fear to tread." I respect very few so-called journalists most of them repeat leaks from the White House or congress and call it news no investigation no follow up nothing but I do respect Greg Palast.



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