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JFL The amount of foids in armed forces

UK police force went from 23.3% female in 2007 to 31.2% female in 2020. It's not as bad in US where women are 12% of the force but they are beginning to take up high positions of power. The hilaritiy of 2050 full female SWAT team is something worth seeing. I am glad the pigs will soon become useless foids with toddler like strength and cowardly mindset.

Bristol protests: police dazed after violent riots

The thing is they usually form an all male front line in these riots and behind them are women. If only the rioters knew that by only breaking the first line they are basically fighting children (that is how strong a woman is) they would try to break through in an arrowhead formation. Once they would do that the second line of weaklings would get severely injured and would have to be carried away by men rendering most anti riot police useless

I wonder if female police officers commit domestic violence on their husbands just like male police officers do to their wives.

No they are weak pussies. I can tell you several stories of female cops. One of them was hiding her bank robber boyfriend another got knocked out by a guy I knew and he was never caught. That part I can't talk too much about but it's very hilarious. Foid cops are one punch away from a serious injury. Even a skinny guy can beat the living shit out of them easily.



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