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Churches That Bless Gay Marriage Victimize Children
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Empathy and compassion are required when relating to those who experience same-sex attraction. Our struggling brothers and sisters absolutely deserve our love and friendship. But woe to church leaders who believe themselves to be more tolerant and loving than the God who took three nails for them. Jesus gave no wiggle room when he described a very gendered definition of marriage in Matthew 19:4-5; “a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife,” conspicuously stating that God “made them male and female.”

These denominations are forced to twist and torture the plain teachings of Christ and the church fathers. Paul and other early church leaders were unambiguous about the need for Christians to “flee porneo,” a Greek term that refers to all sex, no matter with whom that sex is enjoyed, outside of male-female marriage. You’ll find unquestionably clear condemnations of homosexual behavior in the Bible’s Romans 1, 1 Cor 5:9-11, Eph 5:5, 1 Tim 1:9-10, Heb. 13:4, Rev 21:8, Rev 22:14-15, 1 Cor 6:9-10.

But these tolerant, accepting ministers aren’t letting pesky tradition nor consistent scripture stop them from basking in the rainbow limelight. Nor will they let natural law—the moral ought derived from nature—stand in their way. They seem to be following the woke Roman Road by “suppressing the truth” about “what has been made.” Most importantly, what has only ever “been made” has been so via male-female unions: children.




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