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[on /r/Judaism]

I consider myself Jewish above everything else. Ethnically and religiously.

Agree with everyone in this thread. I have always been taught to value any Yehudim above any Goyim. We are a tribe, and a tribe helps their people - even if it comes at the expense of others. I would always raise up another Jew at any opportunity, protect them even if they did wrong…and I’m glad everyone here feels the same.

[on /r/NBA]

Makes it more interesting to have a player we can all unite to ‘hate.’ Crazy temper, rich white boy, punchable face, really white mannerisms and way of speaking, arrogant. I’m literally white and I can’t stand him so I can’t imagine what it’s like for black people watching him. You could imagine what his ancestors were like.

[On a thread titled “Why is it encouraged for us to spread division between White and Black people”]

As Rabbi Bronstein says, “if the cat and dog are hating each other, the mouse is safe.” Unlike others who do, I would never lie, but it’s not immoral to highlight the failings of other groups. If that leads to division, well, like Rabbi Bronstein says, we’re the mouse. It keeps us safe.

Why are you trying to spread division? Why are you claiming to be white [on /r/NBA], but on other posts saying you’re not? Why are you trying to encourage black people to think of a college kids ancestors as slave owners, and citing his ‘white mannerisms’ as an issue worthy of hate?

Why are YOU spreading anti-Semitism?

Quoting your own posts and asking you 3 civil questions isn’t anti-semitic.

My posts in other threads are irrelevant. This was a post about a g-ddamn basketball player. This is textbook Anti-Semitism.



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