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[Discussion] Are femoids really any better than objects like chairs, toilets etc?

Each object has a purpose. The purpose of a chair is to sit on it and the purpose of a toilet is to shit in it. The purpose of femoids is to cum on it and fuck it. Pretty much just for sexual pleasure. This means that femoids aren’t any better than household objects.

Also they lack the intelligence of a human being or even an animal. All they really are is just holes to be nutted in. That’s pretty much it. They aren’t sentient beings either. If you get try to get into an argument with one they just contradict themselves in the first sentence.

In the past I thought that femoids can be treated like livestock but they aren’t worthy of being considered livestock. It would be more accurate to treat them like property instead as they have the same value as a toilet. But even then atleast toilets don’t whine and complain



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