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No such thing as transphobia. Because there's no such thing as trans. Just men, women, boys, girls. Mentally ill/vulnerable/confused/preyed on by Big Pharma.

They exist. They're just not trans. There's no special identity you can claim to be other than what you are. Die mad about it. Reality doesn't give a fuck for your feelings and neither do I.

I've said this before but I once (when working in mental health) had a patient who was so convinced he was a ghost he would go shopping naked and just shoplift.... nobody could see him ..who cares? Why is it some delusional beliefs are accepted others are not? Why were the wider public not expected to call this man Casper and accept his public nudity? Btw when well these incidents caused him enormous embarrassment and distress.

"Oh, noes! Are we terven oppwessing da poor twanswimmins? Oh, the twaaaaansphobiaaaahhhh! It's coming for them! Run! (Preferably out of all women's facilities)"

"Rational people define transphobia as overt physical attacks or threats. Activists define twansphobiaaaaaahh! as anything that isn't abject capitulation and slavish dick-sucking combined with praise for the 'female penis' and gargling jizz like a sommelier."



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