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Sermon 7: Singing a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord
By Bro. James Wilson
Bro. Steven R. and I will be filling in for Reverend Grimes this week as we work to make New Testament Baptist Church a full time operation, so make sure to check out his companion sermon in the Sermon 8 slot. Both of us will have a short sermon this week.
Psalm 100:1-2 says "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands. Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing." If we are going to sing, we have to sing loudly and sing praises unto the Lord Jesus Christ. Men have gotta be MANLY IN CHRIST JESUS and stop whispering like what happens when these liberal McChurches have these garbage services with "contemporary Christian music!" They're over there wearing AC/DC and Hooter's shirts in these "non-denominational" fun-houses that try to be inclusive and have zero doctrine like the Episcopalians and the Unitarian Universalists! They don't condemn sodomy, Onanism, or lust, and they have these Starbucks stores outside after they sing their effeminate "contemporary Christian" trash! You have to sing old school hymns from old school hymnals and sing like a MAN like Elvis Presley did in his gospel records!!!!
When they sing in that effeminate way, they sound like they are in the bedroom whispering to their wives like in bedroom conduct. They have these microphones and they're acting like they're trying to serenade the audicence like those Backstreet Boy and *NSYNC boy bands!!! Not honoring the Lord like He saith in Psalm 100!!! Or like how Taylor Swift the evil succubus whispers and moans in her new song "Ready for It" which sounds just like this fake contemporary "Christian" trash sounds! Let your noises unto the Lord be JOYFUL AND LOUD AND NOT RESEMBLING BEDROOM CONDUCT SO YOU CAN HONOR GOD AS SCRIPTURE PRESCRIBES!



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