JoPops55 #conspiracy

The governments intervention in the weather patterns began secretly with The Great Dust Bowl of the 30's. In collusion with tractor manufacturers and the glue and cosmetics industries this devious plan was hatched. President Roosevelt needed a boost to his socialist regime and a pretext to institute his "New Deal". First the farm machinery companies flooded the markets with cheap tractors and harvesters. The resulting deep plowing began in earnest and the deep rooted prairie grasses were destroyed. The Gmen disguised as oil prospectors cunningly fouled the atmosphere and the great drought began. Dust storms ensued bringing about the migration west. The influx of cheap labor to the salad bowl resulted in booming crops of veggies. This in turn created cheap produce and foodstuffs which gave rise to our present day super markets. Then the farmers were forced to sell their cattle to the government who in turn sold the livestock to the glue factories and lipstick companies. The New Deal was born, the glue cow made her rapid rise to fame, and the cosmetic industry received the impetus to change the appearance of every young teenager. God could take a break, Uncle Sammy is the job. This is the history of the world as I see it.



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