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RE: They weren't gonna say gay, anyway!
(submitters niote: regarding Floridas "Don't say gay"-bill)

( puppy_cat )
They lie and use this language very purposefully, just like when they say "they're banning trans healthcare for children!" or even better, "they're banning healthcare for trans kids!!" Then people start to assume, just as they've been lead to be, that what is being banned are kids being able to get checked out for any medical problem at all. Rather than saying what it is: sterilization of minors, cutting off healthy organs of minors, etc.

Of course it's all the nonsensical gender and fake sexuality stuff that we don't want to be forced on little kids. But because most people would probably not care if a teacher mentioned in passing they are gay, and that this seems to be a preposterous bill that is getting passed if so, they push hard to make it seem like what everyone is against is simply a gay teacher teaching math or whatever. Instead of all the bullshit that's actually happening.

I volunteered at a middle school (10-13 year olds) only a few years ago, and I walked by giant posters on the walls talking about all the "nonbinary genders" and "pansexuality" and whatever else. And that is preteens, almost teenagers. They want this stuff to be taught as young as what, 3-4 years old? Why? What is the end goal?

( princess_toots )
Exactly this. And most people are so under-informed on the issues, they read "denying health care for trans kids" as denying basic care, whereas what's really going on is protecting kids from elective, non-medically necessary prescriptions, procedures, and even surgeries that they can't properly consent to and aren't backed by peer-reviewed science.

The bill was never about teachers saying they're gay. Teachers can mention their partners in passing, that's been happening for year. Heck, we used to pester our teachers about their boyfriends/girlfriends. The bill is designed to protect against teachers enabling kids or encouraging gender issues, particularly without parental consent.



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