Barack Obozo #fundie

Just a couple of points:

1. The word “gay” itself is very revealing. Many think they adopted the term to describe themselves as “merry.” But there’s another dictionary definition for “gay” and that’s “licentious.” If you look at the definition of “licentious” it becomes plain this is what they meant: “lacking legal or moral restraints; especially : disregarding sexual restraints.” But people are too ignorant to see something like this in plain sight.

2. Medical research is a zero sum game. Every dollar spent on one disease is not spent on another disease. HIV/AIDS receives far, far more funding than diseases normal people die of.

3. The American people have basically decided that cigarette smoking isn’t worth the cost in terms of medical expenses and abbreviated lives, so the behavior is discouraged. But far more is spent on HIV/AIDS than on lung cancer, and yet homosexuality is encouraged and has become for all practical purposes, a religious cult. In fact, one could make a case that this cult is the de facto US national religion.

4. Our Founders created a nation with laws that were indistinguishable from God’s commands. They did this, this striving for obedience to God, so that the nation would receive God’s blessings. They understood the simple formula that obedience to God=blessings and disobedience to God=wrath. And we were richly blessed for the first couple hundred years of our existence. It wasn’t some accident that our laws conformed to God’s, and it wasn’t some accident that we were blessed for that obedience.

But in the past few decades we’ve become floutingly disobedient to God, and those blessings have been withdrawn. We’ve gone from a rich, prosperous nation to one teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. It’s not some accident that our disobedience is resulting in wrath.



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