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Marine Spirits Under the Sea and Supernatural Cities Under the Sea, Bermuda Triangle -- from PRweb site 3-08.
~ It may not be very important in the 'grand scheme' of things (like being sure of one's salvation), but I would like to know if these "marine spirits under the sea" and the "supernatural cities" are for real. It sounds like science fiction, but, even though very few people believe they are real, I think that they ARE.
~ I know that my father (a devout Believer and servant of Christ) laughs at the idea of the above mentioned.
~ NOW is no time for any true believer to be slacking off when there are so many unseen enemies to be on guard against. Abiding in the Word of God, and pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ are absolute necessities! I did not even know many of these critical things (true repentence, etc.) myself a couple years ago. I thank GOD for revealing them to me.



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