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After being called a Mednigger one too many times, I have realised that by being sympathetic to pan-europeanist White Nationalism, I am not serving my group interests, rather I would be simply aiding my enemies who hate my guts, I would be in bed with a fundamentally incompatible group, socially and culturally, the west is totally decadent and has been the vehicle by which the Jews have spread their cancer all over the World, the relatively conservative minority of Nordicist Neo-pagans with pozzed traditions, hardly excuse their general culture and racial tendencies evidenced over the millenias.

Strategically for many months now I have been spreading nordicist propaganda, trying to distance the Mediterranean race, from the rest of Europe, I have been encouraging the "Mednigger" Language, sharing nordicist memes, because I have deemed it strategically necessary to distance the Mediterranean Race from the rest of Judeo-Western Europe - this would better serve the group and collective in the Long-run. The Mediterranean could essentialy be absorbed into Eastern civilisation, and then what would Western Europeans do on their own, they will get exactly what they deserve, pride before the fall.
Just like Russians we Meds have the potential to fully distance ourselves from the rest of Western Europe and Northern Europe, so I think /pol/ should keep this in mind from now on, whenever you make a map of "Europe" exclude Greece and South Italy at least.

I encourage all fellow Meds, to also shill this meme that Meds are not White, and also Nordicists if you read this post you should continue what you're doing.

Meds are not White, Italians and Greeks are arab rapebabies.

The differences between Eastern and Western Christendom, should also be exaggerated not minimised. The Orthodox should be thought of as the Orientals of the West, disassociating the Mediterranean from the rest of Europe will be the key to destabilising the Atlanticist Hegemony, destroying the rest of Judaised Europe.



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