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I didn't see any counter and it still manages to get 26k upvotes. Toxic groupthink.

in the words of dave chapelle: “If she can kill the little n*****, then at least i should be able to abandon ‘em”

obv both are morally wrong, just pointing out the double standards

Yes. If you praise a woman for aborting her baby because it was for the best, then I hope you praise a man for leaving his kid because it was for the best.

Double standards, people.

“If you can kill this mothafucker, I can at least abandon him. It’s my money my choice. And if I’m wrong, then we’re wrong, you can figure that shit out for yourselves.”

It’s almost like sex makes babies and if one of the consenting parties is not ready…they shouldn’t be doing the one thing that makes a baby.

Someone replied to me on a post the other day saying how it is the man with who impregnates the woman. And why both of them are responsible if it is the man who has the semen. I was just like because the woman has all the other parts. They both did the act.

We’ll both are wrong but the biggest difference is that the woman is having her child murdered while the sponge Bob is abandoning his child and responsibilities. If I was said child in question I’d prefer the latter if I had to choose one tbh.

The difference is the murder of the baby.

In the first, the baby is murdered. In the second, it is left with one of its parents.

Not that complicated.

Abortive mothers are deadbeats parents too, the difference is that there are no children left in sight.

PS: I do resent the mother is black but then that is PP favorite demographic to extinguish so sort of realistic.

The difference is that the man isn't killing anyone

Came here to comment exactly this. The man is horrible in the second one. He’s absolutely vile in fact, but he isn’t killing anyone. So I would argue his action is actually more morally good than the woman in the first scenario.



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