Kerwin Brown #racist

[Apparently unaware that the KKK is a Christian organization, and that the racist Democrats of the pre-civil rights era became the racist Republicans of the post-civil rights era]

So since you are anti religion that means you are an anarchist. Do you see the correlation between your argument and the one I just made. The KKK does what the KKK wants.

Many liberals believe in the new world order which is one reason while they fight against a national identity card.

The U.N. is a world government called a confedracy. It hopes to become stronger and works toward that goal like the federal government of the United States did before it. Since this is clearly the case I would say you are in a state of denial for saying it is not so. [...]

The KKK is a socialist organization. That is why they used to be Democrats in the south. I suspician that they still have a high number of members in the Democratic party which still supports segregation and still hates blacks. Anyone in the Democratic pary is probably a a fraud, a closet racist or is being hoodwinked.

[After someone points out the retardedness of his logic he replies with...]

Anarchist are against organized religion and so many of them are atheist.

The Southern Democrats were so opposed to the Civil Right Acts of the 60's that they filibustered it. The South did not abandon the Democratic party until a decade or so after the Civil Rights issue was resolved. Democrats still hate blacks as can be seen by their support of genocide through abortion that kills blacks at a rate three times that of whites. They have been more successful in keeping the Black population in check than the south under slavery or segregation.



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