Little Rik #fundie

God consciousness = ______________________________________________________

Most human beings consciousness = ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (sort of)

Animals consciousness = /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\\/\/\ (sort of)

Matter consciousness = | | | | (sort of as with my computer is impossible to reproduce it in a correct way).

I hope you guys understand anyway with this sort of example but if you still can't get it let me put in a different way and explain with a different example why it is next to impossible for you to communicate with God.

If you are not able to get a perfect tune with God is a bit the same when you try to tune a station on your radio.

Is not the radio fault.
It is your fault.
God is there.
The right station is there.
It is only a question to tune in.
That of course is a lot more difficult than to tune a radio to the correct station.
First you got to change your curved waves into a straight line and in order to do this it require a lot of effort both physical and mental.
Physically speaking it is important to stop eating something that dirt your body like non vegetarian food, smokes, booze, drugs and so on.
Mentally speaking it is very important to keep your mind open to all possibilities but even more important is to clean the non physical part of ourselves like the chakra.
Once you do that the straight line is able to go through your inner self and experience God but of course
this parallelism can not happen if you keep on cling to the physical science as the panacea for all problems. :)



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