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( @ElfReich )
Blaming White Supremacy has always been a most convenient lie.

spoilerI seriously wanna know how many
black people reading this tweet
have lost a loved one to white
Because everyone I've lost; my
niece, my best friend, my cousin,
my sons father, & my friends were
all murdered by someone black

( @BlankAvatar )
@ElfReich Let's tone this down. Last thing we want is blacks moving into white neighborhoods to escape black violence.

( @Vernon_Wormer )
@ElfReich White supremacy is a damnable lie. Not once in my life did I have the desire to control someone or own a slave. All I want is to live my life and be left alone. On the other hand, the jews live to control and enslave others. No amount of sophistry and propaganda from them will ever change the truth about their demonic agenda.

( @CybinTalus )
@ElfReich They might wipe themselves out and we'll be that much safer

( @becky21k )
@CybinTalus @ElfReich Sadly they have more kids than they kill one another, even with abortion

( @World_of_Pain )
@becky21k Easy for them to do when they get a welfare increase for every crotch droppling they squeeze out.

Meanwhile White people are taxed to death.

Seriously, I'm ready to soldier up and die fighting it whenever the rest of you are. . .

@CybinTalus @ElfReich

( @Boataholic )
@World_of_Pain @becky21k @CybinTalus @ElfReich Cut off the welfare and they will be too busy pushing brooms and digging ditches to commit so much mayhem.

( @VickiMure )
@ElfReich Lies made up from the Jews, just like their supposed holocaust. If a jew is moving their mouth, they are lying.

( @SK_USA )
@ElfReich White Supremacy only exists in Politics and the MSM.

( @Brewmeister890 )
@SK_USA @ElfReich
White Supremacy? Is that a CIA term like ‘conspiracy theory’ ?

( @Whydotheysuckit )
@Brewmeister890 @SK_USA @ElfReich no it's a jewish term like racism



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