cumbersome1111 #sexist

When I was working at a daycare we had an unofficial, unspoken policy against employing men. Child safeguarding was obviously a thought, but the director had spent a period of time trying to give men a fair go as employees and just found them generally unfit for the industry.

We had issues with men who were flirty with mums, didn't relate well to parents who wanted to discuss concerns, terrible at cleaning, gung ho about stringent sanitising policies and other health and safety policies, or just kind of weird guys who put people off by never quite catching the right social thread. Most were good with kids, but they were dad-good, eg. fun but irresponsible.

In addition to being tarred by the pedo brush, this is a female dominated industry where high standards are largely imposed by and for women, and men aren't allowed to make up for their shitty skills as employees with their patriarchy credits and that pisses them off.



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