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Due to the fact that the 1,000+ year-long history of the Roman Empire has been purposely hidden in the collective histories of the Island of Crete, Ancient Sumer, Ancient Greece, Ancient Babylon, Ancient Rome, Britannia and the Vikings, the comprehensive history of the Roman Empire is far greater and far more reaching than what modern historical accounts dictate (i.e., Wikipedia's "Timeline of Ancient Rome" and "Timeline of Rome History"). Despite this historical deception, the B.C. era of Roman history appears to be generally correct in respect to major dates. It wasn't until the discovery of Greenland and the subsequent changing of the Julian calendar (B.C.) to the Gregorian calendar (A.D.) and the addition of 1,300 years (i.e., commonly referred to as the "Dark Ages" for they never saw the light of day) that major inconsistencies are detected.

The Dark Ages
The time period commonly referred to as the “Dark Ages” was literally and figuratively dark because it never existed in reality. The reason being that after the alleged Fall of the Roman Empire, a total of 1,300 years were added to the modern Gregorian calendar, representing the 13 Bloodlines of Rome. This was done in order to hide Rome’s secret move to Greenland by deceiving the world into thinking the Roman Empire was far older than it actually was, making the likelihood of its demise seem all the more plausible. Once in Greenland, the Roman Empire used Roman Britain (i.e., Britannia) and the subsequent British Empire to whitewash their military presence and domination around the world. By speaking the same language of English and wearing the same military uniforms (i.e., “red coats”), the Roman Empire was effectively able to hide their empire. This notion is evident in the war flag of the Holy Roman Empire which features the same design and color as the flag of England.

Timeline of Rome:

c. 900 B.C. — 630 B.C. Cretan Renaissance
753 B.C. RomanKingdom Formed
509 B.C. Roman Republic Formed
027 B.C. Roman Empire Formed
027 B.C. Augustus Becomes 1st Emperor of the Roman Empire
027 B.C. Praetorian Guard Formed
027 B.C. Pax Romana (Begins)
009 B.C. Switzerland Formed
000 A.D. Anno Domani (Atlantis Founded in Greenland) (New World/New Date)
056 A.D. Basel (Babel) Earthquake
180 A.D. Pax Romana (Ends)
211 A.D. Roman Emperor Severus Poisoned – Roman Balk (Fake) Completed
330 A.D. Rome Moves Capital to Constantinople
715 A.D. Current Year (2015)

*After 000 A.D., 1,300 years were added to the Gregorian calendar



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