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Blackpill [STUDY] Teen love positively impacts your social life and your romantic competence for a DECADE

The participants of the study were initially 14-17 years old and were later assessed at 23-25 (not far from a whole decade). They controlled for personality and it didn't seem like different personality types affected the results of the study. Teen love improves romantic and social competence for a whole decade. Teen love can make or break you. Or I guess you could say that the lack of teen love makes you an even bigger loser.


The important part is that having negative experiences during teen dating had a negative impact (duh). But here's the interesting part: the positive effects were mogging the negative effects. In other words teen love is more impactful than bad teenage dating experiences.

We're supposed to start from nowhere and compete with people who have 15-20 years of sex dating experience by the time we're wizards

normies will just say the study isn't valid because they don't like

Normies just use anecdotal evidence thinking it disproves statistics

I'm sure op has posted this study before. Best article on missing out on teen love/adolescence ages 13-17 is wikipedia. Adolescence - Wikipedia

Or any entry on psychosexual development confirms ages 0- to 17-18 years of age are the most important time of your life.

I haven't, tho i made a similar thread about another study on the teen love recently



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