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I don’t know about you but most of the religious systems in America that are falsely representing Jesus Christ are corrupt and have divided the Body of Christ. As a result, many people are leaving these religious systems. The worst are the mega churches and the denominational religious systems along with their pastors.

There is no doubt we have a divided and corrupted religious system in this nation as evidenced by our nation has been taken over by Satan and the powers of darkness. We have become a nation that leads the world in demonic strongholds and principalities and the fierce Chaldean demonic spirits have gathered in this nation to attack the faithful followers of Jesus Christ!!! As Jewish Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has said that the gods of Egypt and Babylon have gathered in this nation to reap their demonic destruction on this nation.
Look at our divided denominational churches today. Even worse, look at our mega churches!!! Most mega churches have reached 3000 to 12000 members in three years and what do they have? Are they making disciples that follow Christ or the pastor?Are the Mega Churches and their celebrity pastors turning their city and our nation upside down for Christ? No!!! As a matter of fact, they are allowing demons and New World Order Elites to rule over our nation instead of God. Can you name me just one Mega Church and pastor where God rules over their city? No!!!! Our Mega Church and their people claim to follow Jesus but we see very little fruit in their lives. You will know them by their fruit!!!
The Remnant of God is going to have to come out of these dead churches unless God specifically tells you to stay and assist in their recovery back to Christ. We need to have fellowship and teaching meetings in homes. I challenge you to find any Biblical basis for our current concept of the “pastor” in our churches today. I’ll save you the time – go back to the Third Century and it was Constantine who gave us “church” as we do it today.



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