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Hello, everyone! Sława Bogom!

While focusing on weeding out Judeo-Christian influences from Slavic tradition, we missed the pagan influences, which still contaminate and distort the culture, tradition and beliefs of the Slavs, or, more specifically – Rodnovers.

There is a lot of Rodnovers, followers of Slavic Native Faith, who do not speak a Slavic language. And, you know, it’s brilliant that Slavic native Faith or Slavic culture transcends the cultural and linguistic borders. The problem could be when these people decide that, while not having a lot of understanding of Slavic culture, they can teach about it.

Patricia Robin Woodroof lives in Northern America, never lived in a Slavic country, does not speak a Slavic language and has zero understanding of Slavic. well of Slavic soul, really. She does not know and does not understand how it is to be a Slav, what does it mean to be a Slav, what are the core values, ideas or concepts acquired while growing up or living among Slavs, within a Slavic culture, she assumed that Slavic native Faith is kind of like, I don’t know, Wicca with Slavic Gods added.

There are ways of looking at the world which one cannot experience through English language. One of these things is grammatical gender.

When you a Slav, let’s say from Poland and speaking Polish, and you sit down to have a cuppa, you brew herbata (female), you put your herbata at stół (male) and then you sit on krzesło (neutral). So, if you are Polish, the single act of having a cup of tea automatically puts you in a balanced state where all the male, female and neutral elements work together.

Slavic magic is grounded in words. Knowing a Slavic language gives one the ability to perceive and describe the word, the interactions within the word and even the very nature of the elements of the word – in a way pre-Christian Slavs perceived and talked about it. A Slavic language that is used properly is absolute necessity in Slavic magic.

Pat claims to be able to understand Slavic magic – magic based on language – without having the slightest idea about this language. What are people, who listen to her thinking? That one can talk in English to casts Slavic spells? Like, really?



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