FailAllAspects #sexist

My based grandma dropped a nuclear blackpill on me.

It’s kinda sobering how older women will drop blackpills at a moments notice. My family is middleeastern, and the women in my family are super based. My mom, aunts, and grandparents have repeatedly told me:

1-Women won’t love you if you aren’t good looking.

2-Women won’t love you if you aren’t rich.

But last week my grandma dropped a military grade refined weaponized blackpill on me.

She said that women can’t live without sex. She said that it’s easier for a man to go without sex than it is for a woman, and that once she loses her virginity she is worthless if she’s unmarried, and she will chase dick forever.

She straight up told me to never marry a divorced or non-virgin woman.

It’s insane. She doesn’t use the internet, doesn’t have any social media, is 80 something years old, doesn’t follow any scientific or medical research, and doesn’t read the news. Yet, she blatantly denied the whole “men are more sexual than women” and went the whole other direction and said that “women are more sexual”. Guess what? All the research thats coming out is pointing to that exact same fact. The whole “women are not sexual” thing is a MYTH.

It makes sense too. Women are borderline incapable of maintaining vows of celibacy or being monks. The “sisterhood” of nuns is a joke with rampant lesbianism and vow breaking, same with all-girl schools that often have insane lesbianism issues while all male schools are much less gay.



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