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It’s August 1st, do you know where your children are?

August 1 is Lammas Day—one of the many dates on the Satanic Holiday calendar where blood rituals and child sacrifices are performed. With upwards of a (reported) 800,000 children being abducted in the United States each year, it is not a stretch of the imagination to realize that a percentage of these missing children meet their fates upon sacrificial stones, masonic temples, underground tunnels, and church basements.

It is vital that we become familiar with these holidays so that we can pray and fast for the protection, release, and healing of these children. There are all sorts of things going on in the world right now, but we cannot use these diversions as an excuse to forget about the real warfare going on underground.

But this is not only about the children, we can also pray that those steeped in satanic, Wiccan, occultic, and other ritualistic religions be convicted of their sin, repent, and turn to Jesus Christ. Anger and disgust are the natural responses to what these men and women are doing, but our anger only fuels their agenda and keeps us from unleashing the power of God out via authentic intercessory prayer.

LOVE, prayer, and fasting have the POWER to draw ALL MEN (including Satanists) to Jesus Christ.

If the idea of praying for Satanists, or praying against occult rituals and holidays overwhelms or frightens you, or you don’t know where to begin, check out Russ Dizdar’s hour-long podcast, “Prayer Mapping Against Satanic Ritual Abuse Agenda.”

I pray that the information below will be a valuable resource in assisting you as you pray for the protection of our children, the salvation of those steeped in these traditions and bloodlines, and against the Enemy’s power that is unleashed on these charged dates.

I plan on making this article a monthly feature, with the dates of occult holidays laid out for each month laid. If you would like to track these dates on your own, or be praying in advance for holidays beyond August, you can click here and here for more information.

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A reader request came in for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Our editor in chief purchased the game and I drew the shortest straw. Thus I am reviewing it. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is a role playing game told in the first person perspective. It is medieval times where magic and dragons are dangers. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim has an ethical system to it. Criminals can be attacked on sight. Players can behave, or go around murdering as they see fit. Let us be honest, what sane person finds that fun?

The blood and gore in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim are so over the top it hurts the image of the entire video game industry. The camera is a constant pain since the player is in control of it. The level design loves to give all kinds of U-turns in tunnels. Expect to get motion sickness from The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Women are not very modest, and after killing them the player can undress them down to their underwear.

The language in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is just as nauseous as the grainy and dark graphics. It is like The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim does everything possible to be as offensive as possible. A wide array of false gods are worshiped in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. The music is generally moody and dark. This game feels more like a horror film than a role playing experience.

The glitches are what chops this bloody gore off at the knees. Players have to go back to a previous save, or start the game completely over because quests can’t be completed. Imagine getting an item for a character from bandits and that character does not recognize you did it. You also have no way of handing the key misc item over to them. There are visual glitches, and audio glitches. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim tries to do a lot but fails way too often.

The combat in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is boring and unrealistic. A wide array of sexual deviancy is allowed. The best way to describe The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim is if someone imagined going down into hell and then they tried to portray it as a good thing. That sums up my painful experience with this game.

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An El Sobrante man built a huge swastika in his yard, irking his neighbors

Ground view: image

Ground view with Steve Johnson in front: image

Aerial view 1: image

Aerial view 2: image

Steve Johnson, a retired welder, said he wanted to get rid of his weedy front yard in El Sobrante and replace it with a nice new driveway to park his three vehicles. He said he chose a design he liked, bought about $800 worth of concrete, and lumber and started framing and pouring concrete strips and blocks.

But neighbors weren’t nearly as enamored of the design. When it began to emerge about three weeks later, and especially when Johnson painted the center black, it became obvious that it was a swastika — one of the world’s most offensive and recognized hate symbols.

While Johnson told a TV news crew it was a Tibetan symbol, he told The Chronicle he realized it was a symbol of Nazism and racial intolerance but insisted he has no such feelings or political leanings. He said he has a similar design in tile on a bathroom wall.

“I’m not against anybody,” Johnson said in an interview on his front porch. “I just thought it was a cool design.”

The swastika, about 20 feet by 20 feet, has attracted camera crews and TV helicopters to the quiet El Sobrante neighborhood that’s a blend of suburban and country.

Some neighbors on Lindell Drive have told Johnson they don’t approve, and one called a TV station. That coverage prompted even more reporting as well as luring lookie-loos and threats of possible protests.

“I don’t like it,” said Joni Arndt, 46, who’s lived across the street and down the corner for 25 years. “I’m concerned for my children. When they want to go outside, I feel like I have to be outside.”

Renee Schultz, a 52-year-old neighbor who has lived across the street from Johnson for 27 years, said she doesn’t think he’s a Nazi or a threat to anyone.

“He’s not a bad guy,” she said. “He’s harmless. I just don’t think he’s very intelligent. I don’t think he understands the depth of it. I think he just thinks it’s cool.”

Schultz, who is Jewish, told Johnson she didn’t like the swastika.

“I’ve made my opinion known,” she said, adding that she’s concerned the swastika could draw protesters, and perhaps violence, to the neighborhood.

Schultz also worries about the impact on her property value. She and her husband are considering selling their home and buying another, and their real estate agent told them they would need to disclose the neighborhood swastika as “a public nuisance” to potential buyers.

Johnson said he didn’t build the swastika — and four vertical concrete strips on the top and bottom — to get attention for himself or Nazism, or to upset his neighbors.

“I ain’t got nothing against them. I ain’t got nothing against anyone,” Johnson said. “I just want to park my cars. I’m not prejudiced. I’m not a Nazi. I didn’t do this to piss off the whole neighborhood.”

Yet, it seems he has.

On Thursday morning, one neighbor parked a car in front of his house and boomed a song with the lyrics “F— Donald Trump” for about 90 minutes.

Johnson said he didn’t anticipate the reaction to his construction project.

“Why are all these people so upset?” he asked. “That stuff happened 80 years ago.”

Were Johnson starting the project now, knowing the reaction it would engender, he would not include a swastika in the design, he said. But he said he can’t afford to rip it all out and start over.

Contra Costa sheriff’s deputies, who patrol the area, have had no complaints about the swastika, said spokesman Jimmy Lee. Officers couldn’t do anything even if they had, he said, “as no laws have been broken.”

Johnson’s display may be offensive to many, but it is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution, said David Snyder, executive director of the First Amendment Coalition.

“As a general matter, there is no exception to the First Amendment for hate speech,” he said. “Speech that is profoundly offensive to large numbers of people is protected under the First Amendment.”

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Tell Netflix Amazon to Cancel Blasphemous 'Good Omens' Series

Due to an oversight by Return to Order staff, this petition originally listed Netflix as responsible for the offensive series "Good Omens." Amazon Video released the series on May 31. We regret the mistake, and the protests will be delivered to Amazon when the campaign is complete.

The Amazon series "Good Omens," based on a book by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, portrays the agents of Good and Evil as fighters in an arbitrary struggle devoid of meaning and truth. This series presents devils and Satanists as normal and even good, where they merely have a different way of being, and mocks God's wisdom in the following ways:

• An angel and demon are good friends, and are meant to be earth's ambassadors for Good and Evil respectively.

• This pair tries to stop the coming of the Antichrist because they are comfortable and like the earth so much.

• God is voiced by a woman.

• The Antichrist, who will oppose the Kingdom of God, is portrayed as a normal kid that has special powers and a mission to destroy the world which he doesn't really want to do.

• There are groups of Satanic "nuns" that are chosen to raise the Antichrist.

• The four riders of the Apocalypse, God's means of punishing sinful earth, are portrayed as a group of bikers.

In the end, this is a denial of Good and Evil: morality and natural law do not exist, just humanitarianism and an ultimately useless creed. This is another step to make Satanism appear normal, light and acceptable. We must show our rejection. Please sign our petition, telling Amazon that we will not stand silent as they destroy the barriers of horror we still have for evil.

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Loki - They are changing him from an Alpha Male to a Beta. Stop it.

Loki seems to be slowly getting more and more depowered as time progresses through the Marvel timeline. But what is sadly the most devastating blow to the character seems to be that the writers who help to craft Loki’s personality seem to slowly be stripping away his alpha male characteristics and replacing them with beta male ones.

You have to admit that in the first Thor movie Loki put it all on the line when he tried to betray Thor and take his place as the leader of Asgard. He was a Man on a mission, and was willing to take huge risk’s and chances to get what he wanted. But now, it seems that Loki just wants to have power and status.

What changed? Well I believe that it is his knowledge that he wasn’t a blood heir to Odin, and that changed his frame and mindset of how he viewed himself. It changed who he believed he was. Instead of having a singular mission, a cause that he thought was worth fighting for. He felt that he was the only one who saw how reckless Thor was and how foolish it would be to make a Man like that king of the realms. So he did what he thought he had to to protect Asgard. But after learning he was the son of a frost giant king that changed everything for Loki.

Now because he feels what was once his rightful succession to leadership has now been replaced with just trying to be authentically an heir of power. Now Loki just wants power and is directionless.

This has changed Loki from an alpha male that was willing to sacrifice society for his own benefit to a beta that will bend to the winds of change as long as there is some scrap of leverage and power involved.

Hopefully there is some evil redemption for Loki.

See our discussion about Alpha vs Beta / Thor vs Loki at our following link to our YouTube video. https://youtu.be/dXyBZVXrvHA?list=PL_R0PYzy4FL3_QwQla1v4kmPKGXCgRR8t



Loki was portrayed way less masculine than he originally was in older Marvel comics. Tom Hiddleston gave a somehow "classical" or "theatrical", glamourous interpretation of his moods. In the comics, he's a born destroyer, he's also ripped and his muscles fill each panel with envy and rage. In the movies he's certainly a lot less virile than he actually was meant to be, so I think he was "Beta" from the start


You are right, Loki is a born destroyer in the comics.

You are right, Loki is ripped and his muscles fill each panel with envy and rage.

I never thought about Hiddleston's performance as glamorous, but after reading your comment I can see your point.I think the most important thing here is that in the comics Loki is a born destroyer whose ripped muscles filled every panel with envy and rage. There were no ripped muscles of envy and rage in the movies for Loki, and that is just a disservice to mankind - nuff said



His primary motivation in the very first movie was an attempt to step out of Thor's shadow, implying that he's been following in Thor's footsteps his entire life. He's always been a beta, he tried being an alpha for a while and got himself thrown into the void, imprisoned, and his mother killed in the attempt, I think he's just trying to find a beta role that doesn't involve getting stepped on by Odin any longer.


EvieWn you have some great insights about the movies. I think the implication that he has been following in Thor's footsteps his entire life is accurate.

"He's always been a beta, he tried being an alpha for a while and got himself thrown into the void," You might be right EvieWn, Loki may have always been a beta. So first I'd like to say that I don't think that men fit neatly into the dichotomy of Alpha and Beta. For the sake of discussion lets entertain that men do fall into one of those two camps, Loki very well may always have been a beta.

I think that many men in real life would identify themselves as beta and like Loki attempt to be "Alpha" and fail. But I believe that if men had to fit in the category of Alpha or beta then there would be some men that are naturally Alpha and some men that would be self-made Alphas. In one of our Talk Tactic videos we discuss three kinds of Alphas.

1. The Alpha who sacrifices society for himself.
2. The Alpha who sacrifices himself for society.
3. The Alpha who sacrifices himself for himself. you can watch that video at the following link if you like.


Back to Loki, I want to say that Loki would very much fall into the category of 1 or 2 in the first Thor movie.Here are my reasons why I think Loki was Alpha in the first movie.

1. Loki sees that Odin is putting Thor; a reckless, arrogant person on the throne of Asgard. A person ready to war.
2. Loki sees that as a threat.
3. Loki chooses to foil Thor from getting on the throne.
4. Loki understands that he is risking it all but if he is successful he will benefit Asgard and himself.
5. Loki has a chance to align himself with his Odin and Thor after learning about their lies, but instead, Loki chooses to go his own way which means falling into the abyss into the void. If you read the James Campbell hero with a thousand faces, this sets up Loki as being ready to be reborn when he emerges from the void.

I think you may be right though, it is quite possible that Loki has always been beta.

We also did a video discussing how some authors define what an Alpha is. You can watch it at the following link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6p9H4NImU4&list=PL_R0PYzy4FL1GbXfj-UOqOFe9ze-qmjLz&index=2



You know, they made Loki a woman in the comics for a few years. How does that fit into your alpha-beta dichotomy?


Hello dangerphone thanks for that really great comment. Yes I realize that in the comics Loki did and would use and possess a female form. Also I believe that in some of the most recent comics there was a very ambiguous nature to how he identified his gender and sexuality. Just for clarification this is Michael Angelo responding to you because I don’t know how John feels about this. I see a contrast between the Alpha and Beta male in principle, but I think for the majority of men characteristics of Alpha and Beta attributes are embedded on a sort of spectrum. Each individual is different and what characteristics exist and the extent to which they are used in every individual’s personality is different. But typically if you are going to use the dichotomy of Alpha and Beta to divide men into two camps, the majority would fall into the Beta category. But back to your question, I think it is interesting that Loki who we identified as being the beta would also have been a woman for a time in the comics. Even now in his most recent adaptions his gender identity continues to be ambiguous and questionable. In a way Beta males take on feminine traits and characteristics and may also believe that feminine nature and qualities are superior to masculine ones. This would be in my view unhealthy because people should realize that masculine and feminine are both necessary and important and have been one of the key reasons for the success of humans on earth. But if Loki is a beta male than it would seem that his willingness to adapt his gender to acquire something he desires to compensate for something in his personality that he requires validation for, seems to be exactly the kind of difference we were describing between Thor and Loki in the video. How do you see things? I’d really be interested to hear your take.


Oh I was joking because alpha-beta theories are the domain of women-hating neck beards and alt-right children. I dislike everything about your theory and find it as deplorable and misguided as creationism. Sorry to get your hopes up for any sort of discussion.


At Talk Tactic our mission is to encourage men who identify themselves as nice guys and to help them on their journey of reaching their vision of the good Man they want to become. Hopefully in that process of improving their lives they also improve the lives of those people closest to them which includes the most important women in their lives. Every person should seek to pursue liberty and happiness. It's unfortunate you chose to be vulgar and hurl insults.


I don’t believe I used a vulgar word but I understand if you read between the lines and got your feelings hurt. Loki becoming a woman, the power of Thor falling to Jane Foster, and many more characters exhibiting a greater diversity in gender, sexual orientation, and racial and ethnic identity shows that the comics industry is moving in the same way of the mainstream culture, towards a discarding of conservative and heteronormative values for values that foster the liberty and happiness for all. You seem to think liberty and happiness is earned by placing oneself at the top of a hierarchy, and so you will always be either be self-satisfied or insecure.

I do feel sorry for you, and do hope that one day you will look back on young self and shake your head ruefully. Because if you think if yourself liberated, you really have not found the edge of the cage.

[The argument continues in this fashion but the rest is too lengthy to post here.]