DogpillAbuser #racist

[JFL] Guy who had the banner ''White Lives Matter'' after 3 white kids got culturally enriched by a surgeon astronaut IQ genius immigrant got fired

He got fired from his job. The entire UK hates him. Europeans hate him. Sure there are small numbers that support him. But the general opinion is ''bad racist man''. But what I don't understand how can't people see through this bullshit. I hate jews.

Good. Those ALM guys can right piss off with their passive agressive bullshit. Imagine you try gathering awareness for a social issue and some dudes show up, tirning it into the absurd. I am sure if you try to safe a forest in danger people derailing the shit with non affected forests, plants or unrelated issues you would get angry too. "Why do you hate the other forests?!1111?" Noone said white lives don't matter, noone asked, also white people are not under collective scrutiny. Grow a spine and stop edgelarping. Where are those cases even comparative.

What social issues? Why are migrants chimping out in Sweden which is a non colonial country and probably the best one regarding on what it can offer to immigrants. Hmm yes because every crime white people commit against blacks is ''racially charged'' and every crime niggers do on whites I have to find out from non-mainstream sources and it's never proclaimed to be racially charged?

How about all you faggots who hate Europe so much go back to your mud houses in africa to pick berries and fuck camels?



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