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I am afraid with the gays it is not a matter of live and let live. This is a zero sum game in which the winner takes all and the losers leave with nothing.
We tolerated the gays, just as we did with Muslims and welcomed them to become integrated into society but this was not want they wanted. What they wanted was to totally dominate society, suppress freedom speech and expunge anyone from the public space who would not conform to Pink Law,or Shariah.
Both Islam and the gaystapo have one aim in common and that is to destroy the Christian faith and Biblicaly defined marriage and family.
Do not think for one minute that Islam and homosexuality are incompatible. Lord Waheed Ali who was instrumental in getting so much queer legislation through Parliament and Pav Akhtar who at one time was responsible for the professional development of over 40,000 teachers are gay Muslims.
The gays are not an oppressive minority. Stonewall dominates Parliament and all major organs of the public service.
But thankfully, this cannot last forever, what goes up comes down. Get ready for the crash.



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