Boardwalkcel #sexist

[Blackpill] Cumdumpster sister gets called out for sleeping with well over 100 men after she Bullies her 22 year old incel brother calling him virgin

AITA for telling my extended family how many men (roughly) my sister has slept with after she outed our youngest brother as a virgin?

If this doesn't go to show that women have it literally 100x easier then men than I dont know what will. You have two siblings, similar age and one has over 100 sexual partners the other has ZERO. What kind of fucking discrepancy is that?? Clown world in full effect on this one boyos

And of course top comments are defending the girl:feelsclown:

Yup, Soys will defend their kweens no matter the circumstances. Even though its painfully obvious she's totally wrong on this no it's your fault for slut shaming her.

At this point, I could care less if anyone that wasnt blackpilled died. The only reason women are elevated in society today is because Soys make it that way



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