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[From "RUN from the St. Louis City & County Merger!"]

The usual suspects have resurrected the proposal to merge St. Louis City and St. Louis County that was abandoned in 2019 for lack of popular support[…]It would do for the rest of Missouri what "desegregation" has done for public education

If you are a white person with a brain and live in St. Louis County, you should fight the merger of St. Louis City and County with every resource you can muster. Your livelihood and your savings depend on it, because St. Louis City is a Black Hole where tax revenues and Rule of Law go to die at the hands of corrupt, black officials

Blacks and traitorous "Democrats" aspire to do for St. Louis County what they’ve already done for East St. Louis, North St. Louis, North County, and South St. Louis: that is, destroy it. They want your homes, your tax revenues and your schools, but NO public official has the guts to tell you this[…]
City residents are champing at the bit to trade their voluminous black criminal element for St. Louis County's tax revenues. Black crime and its costs have driven smarter whites and many businesses from the city[…]If you don't mind subsidizing black criminals and incompetent and corrupt black public officials, you may want to support the proposal

Much of St. Louis City is populated by shiftless black criminals, who sit around all day waiting for their baby-momma’s checks[…]an unsupportable burden to white taxpayers[…]If the merger is successful, they might become your new neighbors![…]
It's no coincidence that many of the people supporting the city and county merger are the same liars, crooks, Jews from the county, and morons who urged the $7 Billion Desegregation Program that was the coup d’état for the St. Louis Public Schools[…]
Third World, tribal instincts dominate everything they do and are all they will ever understand because of their under-evolved Frontal Lobes and very low IQs



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