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And, even more importantly, all of that massive darkness enveloping the room can basically do j@ck $#it to even really stop it. It's not even a competition in there guys, for f*ck's sake.

My apologies for using all of that language, but it was very much so needed in here to make that point. Because currently, there are many millions of LIGHTS (wanderers, lightworkers, lightwarriors, indigos, crystals, hybrids, you-name-it!) incarnate and shining on Planet Earth right now. And awake or not, they are extremely powerful and potent. And even the number of awakened ones is currently in the millions already in any case!

Then, there are trillions of higher dimensional, enlightened light beings from other galaxies and (even other universes!) currently surrounding us and beaming love and light into our world 24x7x366.
Our own planet is sending us intense love and light. Our own Sun, our Galactic Central Sun, all other Galactic Central Suns, as also our Universal Central Sun (and all other Universal, Multiversal and Omniversal Central Suns) are all currently doing just that.

Every single planetary body and consciousness within our solar system and beyond is doing just that. Our soul families are doing just that. Discarnate entities, parallel, future and higher selves, your personal (and even greater) soul councils from what you call heaven (all of the nonphysical and multidimensional worlds out there), including your own deceased loved ones are doing just that. Ascended masters across the omniverse are doing just that. Advanced, enlightened and super-evolved and super-powerful Cetacean light-beings under our oceans are doing just that. Your beloved pets, and even the wild animals are doing just that. Finally, even the plant, mineral and crystal kingdoms, and so many other invisible helpers are doing just that. Your own personal guides, twin flames, guardian angels and higher selves are doing just that.



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