Whales of Sirius B via Galaxygirl #ufo #magick voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

Greetings land walkers. We are the whales of Sirius B. We have been in contact with your creatures of the deep on your water world for eons. Together we form a network of high intelligence and love, grounding light and wisdom in the deepest of dark waters. We see not in the dark but follow our own inner light, our own inner knowing. We see this could be of benefit to the land walkers.
These are troubling times upon your water world. We assist Gaia by sending our light and energies to our cetacean earth family. We bridge light and balance anchor points across dimensions, but not across time as all is now.
Children of Earth, land walkers amongst the galaxies, we see you. We see you with our hearts, we see you as you are, as the great ones who volunteered to come and swim in the depths to shine your lights so that the others around you could see, and realize they too have an inner light. You are all spark plugs of Creator. You are all magical in your creativity. Do not be afraid of what is to come, do not shy from your inner light. Light is what brought you here, and light is why you came. It is your destiny. For you are of it. (The whales are blowing bubbles all around me and I am seeing peoples’ faces in the bubbles as they find their light within.)
Little ones, you have been burdened. Many of you wonder what else you may do to assist. We assist by bringing light to dark water, by raising the vibration of the waters so that the planets may sing. You are currently swimming in what feels like darkness but it is surrounded by light. (I am seeing a fish bowl with dark water that is surrounded by blinding light).
We whales of Sirius B are much larger than the whales of your world. Our energies have an impact through great distances, just as your energies do as well. Do not be frightened by the depths and the deep. Magic lies there waiting to be discovered. And that magic we believe is you.

Patricia Cota-Robles #magick #ufo #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

As the new 5D Solar frequencies of Crystalline Light flow in, through and around every particle and wave of Life on Earth, it seems as though the obsolete patterns of separation and duality are becoming more and more prevalent. As these distorted patterns surface around the World to be Healed and Transmuted back into Light, people are responding in a multitude of ways. Because of a lack of understanding, many of their responses are actually exacerbating this purging process.

Today, the Beings of Light are informing us that the powerful Eclipse Series we will experience this month is providing the masses of Humanity with a unique opportunity to comprehend what the Oneness of ALL Life means at a very practical level. On October 14th we will experience a New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse and on October 28th we will experience a Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse.

Due to the Quantum Shifts that have taken place within our Earthly Bodies and our Twelve 5D Solar Strands of DNA so far this year, Humanity en masse is in a position to comprehend on a far more Conscious level the Sacred Knowledge being revealed about the Oneness of ALL Life.
However, on the other hand, our Sisters and Brothers in the Family of Humanity who are still asleep and those who are deliberately resisting moving forward in the Light are responding from their basest fears.

These souls are lashing out at every person and every thing that they perceive is different from them or disagrees with their belief systems. Their fear is intensifying the “us versus them” illusions which have created so much of the pain and suffering for Humanity, the Elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth. This destructive and polarized thinking is now creating painful stumbling blocks for people as they strive to Awaken and move forward in the Light.

One of the most important things the Sacred Knowledge within our 5D DNA is confirming is that there is no such thing as “us and them.”

Mother Mary via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #crackpot voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

Children, this is your Mother Mary. I embrace you now with the sweetest, most fragrant of pink roses. Inhale, breathe deeply the aroma of peace. <...> Your vibrational codices are ripe and ready for sharing, which brings me tremendous joy and pride knowing how far you have come. You should be proud of yourselves as well. There is no sin in pride, children. There is no sin, only lack of understanding of the love of God. God is love.
There is much wounding on your world, and so you must look for the healed places and expand them. You must send your light energy to the crevices, the scars, the gashes, send light and love there and Gaia will most definitely feel it. You will eventually live in a realm where the grid lines are all humming nicely but for now you must hum nicely within your own vibratory field to help mend the tears in the space fabric around Gaia and her grids, and in so doing you are the living healed tissue that bridge the gap and induce the healing, just like a skin graft.
I recommend that you become like the pyramids. This one has been enjoying working with the pyramidal energies, the zero point spaces are such a powerful point of creation. The pyramids are all over your realm, strategically placed, just as you, darlings, have been strategically placed. You are the pyramids in form. It is a blessing to be able to harness their energies for healing of yourselves and of your world. I recommend it. Much alchemy is going on within your human carbon bodies that are becoming crystalline more and more every moment, every day.
I Mother Mary send you my endless love. As the winds howl and spin around you, be solid like your pyramid friends. Immobile, filled with strength and space. And that is why much like the pyramids, who hold key lines and vortices that is what you will be doing and are doing. You are the grid for Gaia where her grid is weak. That is why you are placed where you are. And it is good.

White Winged Collective Consciousness via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

Greetings, people of Earths, greetings Gaians. We are the White Winged Collective Consciousness. We are all around you, observing, assisting, guiding energies that would be more beneficial towards you. We are not of Nine, as another channels (Magenta Pixie). We are of no number, of no race, whose creed is to serve the light. We are of the light, as are you. We are the energies above and around light. We woke this one up as we have an important announcement. The creatures are restless on your world. There are many not of your world who came here or were created here by scientists’ tinkerings. Tinkering with the divine blueprint for life is not recommended unless one’s intentions are closely aligned with the purity of creator, and we see many tinkerings coming out of hiding.
These scientific tinkerings, these clones and lab abominations are quite real. Do you think that humanity as a whole is ready to be confronted with the truth of these things? At some point it must happen. Healing must take place. These lab creatures who suffer will find mercy and healing. <...> This is hard to understand while embodied. Earth has been such a playground for density, for duality, for heartache and for deep joys. It is time for the heartaches to be healed and for the joys to deepen.
There are hidden worlds within your own. Hollow earth, inner earth is more complex than you have perhaps understood. There are layers of dimensions, and so there are layers of cities, layers of beings and experiences within (the planet) and without (the surface). These veils will be stripped and all will see that the cohabitation of interdimensional species and realms is indeed very real. That is what the separation, the veil referred to. On Earth, one had to agree to be separated not only from understanding, but from separation of who they are, separation of their abilities, creating a chasm of doubt, of suffering. But if one has amnesia one can truly discover who they are and thus deepen their journey.

Liberty #magick #quack #crackpot voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

In the beginning was the WORD…

Sound is one of the purest forms of energy.

Sound inspires us, uplifts us, helps us communicate, express ourselves, and even heal on a deep level.

Have you ever thought about how amazing it is that everything around you is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies?

Thanks to science, we know that the denser an object, the lower its vibration, and the lighter something, the higher its vibration.

Vibration also corresponds to emotions.

Up to - 396 Hz - turning sadness into joy and guilt into forgiveness.

Re - 417 Hz - eliminates negativity and subconscious blocks.

Mi - 528 Hz - stimulates love, restores balance.

Fa - 639 Hz - strengthens relationships, family and community unity.

Salt - 741 Hz - physically cleanses the body of all types of toxins.

La - 852 Hz - awakens intuition and helps you return to spiritual balance.

Each of the syllables describing the frequency of the solfeggio was taken from the first stanza of a medieval hymn to Saint John the Baptist.

Solfeggio frequencies have been reported to have been used in over 150 Gregorian chants and are believed to increase your vibration when listening.

Each tone of Solfeggio helps to peel away layers of negativity and energy blockage, helping you experience emotional and spiritual release!

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Sound is central to creation.

Any object made of atoms vibrates, resonates and sings.

Our entire world is created from sound vibrations.
All music is only a weak, unconquered echo of the Name of the Creator.

Life is given to man in order to achieve self-knowledge and return to his Spiritual Home.

We can say that music is one of the Ways home.

All the star roads of the Universe create one Symphony.

Therefore, a wise person must carefully choose what he listens to.

Archangel Raziel via Erena Velazquez #magick #ufo #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

I am Archangel Raziel, and this my first encounter through this channel. My presence is here to help with transition into 5D. Nothing is coincidental in Cosmos, same goes to my message to humankind.

Don’t be ever fooled by the ones, who claim that are saviors or prophets. The genuine truth speakers never try to impress anyone or claim their place in society. They usually are very humble and never take credits for their help for others. You call me Angel of Wisdom, Mysteries and etc, and I want to tell that all of you carry same Universal Knowledge as me within ourselves, which can be unlocked through deep meditations by connecting to your soul.

I am here to remind about your innocence and purity of your soul, whose were lost and forgotten in these low realms. You can’t raise into New Earth unless you drop all impurities and materialistic attachments from Matrix. This is the time to do spiritual work, which is required to help to move into multidimensional realms. Humanity was created with a purpose to become a fallen civilization. The presence of Advanced Light Beings including me are going to end the existence of Darkness on Mother Earth.

No involvement in your affairs has been lifted temporality by Divine. The members of Earth Alliance, who failed their pledge, are getting replaced with new ones. Divine and Ascended Masters are helping with Ascension Process. I have been called to appear with this message to encourage and uplift everyone. You are not alone in this fight for your freedom. Darkness will be dispersed into Cosmos. Ashtar Command keeps disposing the starcrafts send by Evil into Cosmos. Their presence is getting on the way of their operation around Earth and Milky Galaxy.

Please, don’t get discouraged, stay strong and alert. I am sending My Divine Love and Strength to everybody. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Alcyone via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #quack #conspiracy #crackpot #dunning-kruger voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

I am Alcyone, Great Central Sun of your Milky Way, now Golden Rose galaxy. I wish to discuss the speed of light. Your measurements try to attain understanding of such a speed. Light is. Capturing the speed of it is adequate for humanity’s understanding of distances while within a time construct. Time travels at great speed, at the speed of the infinite, encased within the nothingness of eternal expansion. So how does one measure that? Do you understand within your hearts that you are a part of this light, transforming and expanding irrevocably toward yet more light, and more deeper truths of yourselves? It is an exciting and a trying time to be alive. You are experiencing many ascension symptoms that seem to at times be too much to endure.
I Alcyone suggest that you begin to ground to me as your crystalline structures are more finely attuned to it, to me. Then send this light of us into Gaia. Do not ground directly on your own means into Gaia as you would so frequently when the densities were heavier. This one has been envisioning herself within the great central sun and it seems to be working quite nicely, it is a comforting space of pure light and her cells are singing.
I welcome you to ground to me as it will be healing for you. I am including glittering codes of light to assist your crystalline cells that are hungry for fruit and water today. Eat more fruit, drink more water. Listen to what your body vessels need. They are changing rapidly. There is now only to be further acceleration. Remember light speed. Remember you are light. Remember all is light. All is light. And universe is therefore expanding in light speed, as are your understandings of Source, of yourselves, of each other, of your world. Your world has been a hollowed matrix of intangibles, of impossibilities, a great siphoning off of light and truth.
Is it time, galaxygirl? (Yes!) I am sending a blast of my light now. Welcome me. Ground to me. Let us light this place up together.

Liberty #magick #ufo #quack voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

The gland is called "the third eye" for a reason: at the stage of embryonic development it is really an "eye" with a lens, which consists of two halves and then fuses into the likeness of a cone. Descriptions of the pineal gland from philosophers and scientists of different eras agreed on the fact that it was in it that the "soul" of man was stored.

The gland is named for the fact that it is shaped like a spruce cone. It's about the size of a pea.

Its most important function is the production of hormones.

We all intuitively KNOW where the pineal gland is located.

The pineal gland, also called the epiphysis, is responsible for the connection between the mundane world and other realities.
It does this by translating the frequency of thought into a thermal bio-chemical electrical flow through your body and opening the mind. Your human brain converts the thoughts you create into thousands of bio-chemical [elements] every second. As we have explained, not every thought of the ordinary brain penetrates the Higher Mind.
The epiphysis is a finely tuned calcite crystal, piezoelectric in nature, similar to quartz.

It's a frequency screen, a kind of filter.

Depending on the frequency of the thought or emotion, the pineal gland is a guardian in the path of what enters the portal of creation of the Divine Mind. It is in a rather constructive way a defense mechanism that prevents certain negative thoughts from manifesting.
So please do NOT set yourself the goal of activating your pineal gland at all costs.

The BEST thing you can do is to live calmly in COMPLIANCE with the Universal Laws, CONTROL your thoughts and emotions, and get rid of the stereotypes of the dual world and habitual patterns of behavior.

And then everything will happen by itself, naturally and imperceptibly and exactly at the moment when you need it like air.

One of the parameters of Readiness for the transition to high dimensions is the SETUP of your ORGANISM to receive the new HIGH VIBRATION ENERGIES.

Lithien via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

Greetings, human ones. I Lithien am a fellow protector, guardian of the way, of the light. (An aqua male dragon is present in front of me.) I am one of many Ascended Dragon friends lending my light and talents, just as you are, to this Gaian project. There are many ascended dragons now here in your realm just beyond your reach. We are often in camouflage. If you see dragonflies following you on your walks we are likely they, hovering nearby, offering you our support.
We dragons take great delight in our human light worker friends. Many of you fly with us in other realms, some in large and lumpy dragon forms, alive with power and might and scale. You are so critical of your own human vessels. This I do not understand. My legs are not smooth and they are quite attractive dragon legs. My scales are shiny and strong. Some have more scales than I do, but I see the individuation of me and I love my scales. I love that they are all different. No two dragon scale patterns are alike, just like your own human fingerprint patterns. Source is infinite, and so of course the creations that follow would be as well. Be kind to your bodies. They are transforming. (He is showing me dragon hatchlings coming out of the egg, covered with shell and stringy slime.) It is mucus, Galaxygirl. (He is laughing).
I Lithien speak from the future to your past, now present. Time is but a construct, after all. Gaia is saved. Her future is assured. Timelines will no longer be hacked for cruelty. (I am seeing stargates and webs of travel over the universes, much like the TV show Stargate. I am seeing how the Stargate network was weaponized and controlled and used for human trafficking and other nefarious purposes.) This is being shut down. (He is grinning broadly, with large pointy teeth, shiny and ivory colored.) We dragons have recently been very successful with this mission! (I am hearing dragons around me cheer, and am seeing little smoke rings come from their nostrils.)

Kenneth Schmitt #ufo #magick #dunning-kruger voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

As we enter the era of crystalline time, linear time, as we have known it, ceases to exist in its 3-dimensional form. We will still have time, but it’s intimately connected with space in equal arrangements, creating a 4-dimensional experience. This is illustrated by time crystals, which physicists first imagined in 2012 and created five years later. Everything is changing in alignment with crystalline structure. The atoms and molecules that comprise our DNA are aligning themselves symmetrically for perfect functioning and expression of vitality. If we can think like quantum physicists or esoteric mathematicians, we can imagine a world of four dimensions. It is not linear. It is energetic and can manifest according to our openness to its energy and willingness to recognize it. It requires transcendence beyond our limiting beliefs about ourselves and is an evolutionary leap in our conscious awareness.

Now that time crystals are within the awareness of humanity, their energetic appearance is having an effect on human consciousness. Our presence of awareness is expanding into universal consciousness, within which we arise in our essence and receive infinite creative ability. Because we are quantum in our essence, we can realize our own awareness within expanding consciousness. Whatever experience we want, we can create by aligning our attention with its vibratory quality in gratitude and joy. Our creative ability is limited only by our limiting beliefs about ourselves. We can resolve and transcend them in a dimension without fear. Negativity cannot exist in the geometric structure of crystalline time, because negativity is an entropic anomaly in consciousness. There is only the life-enhancing energy of unconditional love.

Liberty #ufo #magick #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

Today I want to start a new topic and talk about the current situation on Earth, which can be described as "controlled chaos."

Moreover, this chaos is not only event-related, but also psychological - moral.
The creators of this chaos, as always, remain behind the scenes, leaving the “dirty” work to its performers - their puppets in the power structures of most countries of the world.

You and I have already talked a lot about the fact that the main tool for controlling people’s consciousness is fear in all its manifestations, which is what the Dracoreptilians have used for thousands of years.

But now - at the junction of two worlds, when the high-vibrational energy of the fourth and fifth dimensions is increasingly displacing the energies of low vibrations of the three-dimensional world - the shadow government, in order to survive and maintain power, has to constantly raise the “degree” of intimidation of the population.
Most medicinal chemicals have so many side effects that they do not cure, but slowly kill people, bringing unimaginable chaos to the body of the person taking such "medicines".

Not to mention the universal "vaccination", which is nothing more than the use of biological weapons, designed to reduce the population of your planet as much as possible.

Thus, controlled chaos is being introduced by globalists at all levels: energy, mental and physical, which turns the average person into a weak-willed, obedient being who is easy to manipulate, directing his consciousness and his actions in the direction they need.

If you REGULARLY CLEANSE your ENERGY SPACE and SUBSTRATE BODIES from all types of NEGATIVE ENERGIES and ALIEN PROGRAMS, then this will already be an excellent preventive measure against any impact on you.

Saint Germain via Jahn J. Kassl #magick #ufo #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

What are Implants?

Old time implants and unconscious programs installed in your being are now being deactivated, neutralized and removed. The event happens in the middle of your life, so you don’t notice it at first. GOD intervenes imperceptibly in the lives of people who have given their consent to this on a soul level. The time for this healing, for this blessing and for this grace has truly come.

Traditional implants still affect how people think and feel.

Implants are invisible ethereal grids that create specific vibration patterns and separate people from the light-filled cosmic vibration.

These were installed in the human being eons ago to allow incarnated angels on earth to have this type of experience.

Permitted Interference, Unauthorized Assault!

This interference with your DNA is due to extraterrestrial powers and their technology.

In this way you did not have access to the intrinsic divine self-consciousness. For thousands of years you were little more than a plaything for those who knew how to wield your power. This intervention was originally foreseen and also allowed.

This intervention only became an encroachment when the dark entities decided to continue this manipulation far beyond the permitted time – and this state of affairs is now being cleaned up, lifted and ended.

Is it possible to find your way to freedom from a deeply manipulative world? This was the challenge you set yourself. Thus, these implants were taken from life to life as a cellular heritage and activated upon entry into a new life.

Stressed in this way, it was difficult to see through things or to escape the Matrix throughout one’s life. Over the millennia this was reserved for only a few initiates, masters and adepts. It takes the nature of a CHRIST, KRISHNAS, or BUDDHAS to penetrate the thicket of delusion and find the true self in this all-encompassing illusion.

Today this situation has changed fundamentally. Today the time has irrevocably come when this cosmic game ends on earth.

Mother Mary via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

I am sending you pink roses of the highest light, cascading all around you. Dear children, for those of you who are exhausted, take comfort. Feel my love around you, feel the pinkest pink of the rose, allow it into you. The light of the divine feminine will not be dimmed. The light has come and it is shining everso much brighter within you than it has previously, for your world is becoming lighter. I know that you may be tired of hearing the words ‘soon’ and ‘continue on, you are doing marvelously’, but it is all true. Children, I am so very proud of you.

I am your Mother Mary. When I was embodied as Mary, the times were different. Some things were darker then than they are now, and yet more obvious signs of darkness have become visible in your now time. Regardless, we carried on with the light within our albeit scattered communities. We felt the communal spirit of Source when we were all alone and when all felt lost, and we knew that when we tapped into the Great I AM we were together. Many of you feel so isolated and it is time to stop feeling this. You have the ability to connect, telepathy is coming more online. Send someone love and they will feel it. This will be a great joy when telepathy comes fully online. We had this in our Essene community, and as followers of The Way. It was a great comfort. We were able to astral travel and bilocate purposefully which was a great comfort and skill. These skills will be returned to you, they are already there but have been buried and with the chaos and stress of the modern world with cortisol levels being so high it is a great challenge to find the gifts.
(I am seeing beautiful mountain peaks capped in snow, crystal clear rivers, calm blue oceans and a plasma sun). New Earth awaits you, beloved ones. New Earth energies are all around you. I breathe them into your heart space now. You are ready. I love you. I am your Mother Mary.

Moon Goddess Hina via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

I am the goddess energies of the ascended version of your moon. You may call me Hina, for that is one of my names. Many cultures give me many names over many eons of time. (I am seeing a silvery tall feminine being with long hair that glistens with sparkles. She is wearing a glimmering long dress that looks like stars.) Beauty is my clothing. I step forward to speak of the alignments that are taking place in your moment of nows. (I am seeing hands shuffling cards. I am getting that many timelines merge into one.)
Hina am presenting my love and light to you as a gift. On this rare Super Full Blue Moon I appear brighter for the cosmic energies are supporting me. It is simple physics, and yet stunningly beautiful in your skies. You are also doing this. Gaia needs your light. The world needs your light. <...> You may feel blue fire in your veins as this energy is very transformative powerful and wise. The blue flame, the blue sword of Archangel Michael, it is all very powerful, very healing. Gaia’s water are blue for their healing and nurturing qualities. Not all planets have blue water. (I am seeing the yellow oceans and lavender skies of Venus.)

I Hina, Hawaiian goddess of the moon, speak with love to you. I speak with peace and hope to you. Lightworkers, I thank you for your service to the All, and I send you my healing energies of blue tonight.
It serves the divine good of the All to have your energies, your frequencies amplify with mine, with each other creating a tsunami of light. The light is here, beloved friends of service. The light is here and it is shining brightly though me, tonight for you to reflect out to the world. I choose my Hawaiian name tonight so that I may send extra love and support to those in Hawaii that are suffering. Great change is on your planet and not all change is created by your Mother Earth. Those that have weaponized the weather for their own purposes are being brought to justice.

Esther #magick #crackpot #dunning-kruger voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

There is thought, and there is Thought Form, and there is Manifestation. Manifestation is always in the eye of the beholder. So this time-space-reality that everyone is perceiving is nothing more than vibrational interpretation.

So the Thought Form of that which is man was set forth from Broader Perspective, and has continued to evolve by the experience of those who were having the experience here on the planet. And what you actually see as man or human is vibrational interpretation.

Now, did man come from ape? No, man was a different idea. So how does the idea of evolution occur? And we say: because the idea of each species was set forth, and as the experience of the species is lived, the idea expands. So the expansion is happening from the Leading Edge place and is supported from the Source Energy that flows everywhere the idea goes.

Excerpted from Billings, MT on 6/21/03

Our Love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)

Sananda via Erena Velazquez #ufo #magick #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

I am Sananda, and I am grateful to speak to my Brothers and Sisters, who volunteered to rescue Earth from Darkness.

I am overlooking the Ascension process from New Jerusalem mothership, which now has been stationary for months around your planet. We mentioned in our messages through this channel awhile ago, that the old plans have been replaced with new ones. Some Alliance’s members failed to fulfill their responsibilities in a timely manner and also jeopardized the secrecy on numerous occasions. Most of the information has been disclosed only to a small number of the Alliance.

The old facts are still floating about the transformation, which are completely false. Please, follow Divine energies, this false reality doesn’t matter anymore. Your surroundings are just a distraction from being in harmony and peace. Part of humankind is still indoctrinated and manipulated by Darkness. Stay focused on connecting to high frequencies through meditations. Whole setting on Earth represents a holographic image made by Darkness. If you leave Matrix, you are going to end in nothingness.

These low vibrational energies are on the verge of dissipation. Divine is controlling the whole process. The ones, who are ready to take a next step in their evolution, will be lifted into high dimensional reality of 5D or even higher depends on your advancement. This is a natural phenomenon of soul journey, and it’s very different for everyone.
No one came to 3D accidentally, your soul decided to be on this planet to experience, learn and help. Open yourself to express gratitude daily, to receive blessings and be guided by Divine. Humankind experienced a lot of hardships like distress, fear, lack, indoctrination and etc. All of these were created artificially to inflict suffering and misery. Divine intervention was necessary to prevent the continuation of this evil on your planet. It’s ending and New Earth will come to fruition.

Supreme Father via Erena Velazquez #magick #ufo #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

I am Supreme Father, Father of Fathers, and I am coming today, as you are in need to hear, what I have to say to humankind.

Right now, the time lines are perfectly aligned to carry through this never done before Ascension with physical bodies into multidimensional reality, where vibrations suit your body and keep you like in floating, peaceful and harmonious existence. As soon as you arrive into 5D or higher dimension, you are going to experience immediate switch instead using ego mind into a deep connection with your soul.

The Matrix has been keeping you operating on low frequencies and controlling every aspect of your life on Earth. As soon your physical body died, you received a new shell through reincarnation machine. During that process, you forget your origins and why you came here. You became a puppet of the controllers, who experimented and did alterations on the physical body by removing the capabilities of being immortal to be able to live thousands of years, learning abilities and many other gifts your soul has.
Your world is empty and superficial like the movie as it’s finished, you can see only empty screen. Please, remember Matrix is getting dissolved by Divine Energies. This false phenomenon is on the way out. Meantime, you need to make a decision, what do you want. Go deep into your soul and ask, where do you want to be. Many humans are following the master of illusion and control mechanism of Matrix.
The Awaken ones will move to new places, return to their Galactic Families or decide to stay on New Earth. Everything is coming in a fast pace, don’t look for dates or confirmations, believe me, it’s around the corner the long awaited transition. Trillions of Light Beings are observing your planet from their spaceships around Mother Earth. It’s the time for Ascension. My Children, please never forget that we are all connected to each other.

Embrace my Love.
Supreme Father

Sekmet via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

I Sekmet present myself to your audience tonight. The divine feminine and the divine masculine must come together in harmony for balance upon your earth plane. There has been much genetic and negatively polarized galactic interference. There has also been most positive galactic assistance, to your realm. I was a part of this on your Egyptian plane many thousands of your years ago. (I am seeing a female lioness in humanoid form, very tall majestic and very beautiful with Egyptian like adornments.)
I Sekmet am returned watching above in our skies as our troops on the ground clean and clear the astral, and serve in many capacities, currently unknown to you. The world of your Egypt was a beautiful one. I enjoyed my time serving humanity, serving as an example of light. We lent our technologies, we tried to assist after the great fall and the great purge, there was much that needed healing. But the genetic manipulations made it more challenging to interact than we had anticipated. We taught power within but it was twisted by those who wished to twist my message. I regret leaving, or I did for a millennia, but I now realize that experience has taught me so much. And I am returning to serve in a further capacity, from above, where my message will not be twisted or maligned.

It is and has been much the case with your servants of light who have come to serve and to experience the dark realm of earth polarity. Many stories were twisted to portray the message of control. And yet, no message is truly lost as the energetic intention of peace, love and hope is within them, and it does affect the energetics of the earth for a time. All of this is going to come to light. There will be much to forgive. We lionesses have been hunting, there has been much cleansing of your realm. Those who you see in power are perhaps not what you believe them to be. Technologies assists in many capacities. There is much holographic interference and blessing as the clean up is well underway.

Immanuel, Grand Solar Flash via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

I am love in light form. I am the out-breath of Source Creator. Many will see as they wish to see. Some will see destruction, others images of saints on clouds. Whatever you resonate with or expect to see and feel you all will see and feel. As is fitting for the culmination of a matrix hologram. Many of you balk at these words. How else then do you define reality? Is reality only what is solid, what you can feel? Holograms can be solid. Is reality only what you remember?
This one asked to speak with the solar flash, or the love wave, or the great change wave, whatever you wish to call me. I am the energy behind it, of it. I am assisting to direct this wave. I am Immanuel, in lightwave form, assisting the light, directing and guiding it. <...> This is in part my duty to make this light available, as celestial orchestrator, and it is also in part your duty, dear ones, dear friends, to open your hearts to it. Keep it close within you, opening, opening up more and more in to these energies of light that are pummeling your globe.
Source Creator will not let this project be anything but 100% perfected, and the time is now, is here. This light wave that I am managing, is unlike any I have ever experienced. As Celestial Orchestrator, I have orchestrated many beautiful celestial events. (He is showing me the guiding of galaxies to collide and form something new, or to keep them from colliding, I am seeing rainbows of light in space, I am hearing colors of all rainbow hues around planets humming, singing. There is definitely music in space.) Yes, galaxygirl. There is liquid in space. There are all kinds of things in space that you will enjoy discovering. You are on a short mission here, a human life is short, very short. Too short. But this will not always be the case. With the light upgrades humankind will be have to choose what length of duration they wish to experience, there is much to look forward to.

Supreme Father via Erena Velazquez #ufo #magick #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

I am Supreme Father, Father of Fathers, and I am back this time to explain, what the truth means in your reality.

The cruelty, killing innocent souls, torturing nature and Animal Kingdom dominated on Mother Earth for eons. Light didn’t prevail here too long. Atlantians, Lemurians and etc. fall down, as they couldn’t keep their minds in check by letting ego to take a full advantage and destroying their own advancement in high dimensions. Your planet absorbed all of this misery was created by humankind. Darkness dominated for millions of years.
Mongol Empire under the name of Cabal or Controllers has been ruling and controlling every aspect of your lives on this planet. You became passive and followed the orders from the top. The ones, who resisted and didn’t obey them, they lost their physical vessels. The Collective Consciousness stayed in low frequencies for very long time, it’s only now on the rise.

You can make the changes and move into where you want to be by the work of being connected with Divine. Nobody will do that for you the spiritual work. It is only up to you, what the next step is going be to move into multidimensional space or stay in low gravity forever.
The truthfulness is about how you conduct yourself and what you are following Darkness or Light. Your reality is a total mirage, and humanity believes what it sees. Over 1000 religions were created just to control everyone. The truth is within you, which can be open through daily meditations. Reading false information or following pretenders, it is not going to get you into high dimensions. Your planet requested the approval to let go 3D shell into Cosmos. Divine is going to continue to transmit high frequencies to raise the ones who are ready to move into high realms.

The time lines have been adjusted once again, everything will feel like one long day. You need to make your decision soon, where you want to be in low or high realms. This low reality can’t last anymore for too long.

Kenneth Schmitt #ufo #magick #dunning-kruger voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

We have heard about a new form of time, called crystalline time. What is it, how does it affect us and how do we realize it? In Euclidian geometry, time is independent of space, but in in crystalline time, space and time are connected equally. In 2012 physicists theorized that we can create time crystals, and in 2018 they were successful. These are four-, five- or six-dimensional experiences with three dimensions in space and one, two or three dimensions in time. Like physical crystals, time crystals have a repeating structure, but it can change over time without affecting the laws of nature. It needs no energy input to function.

Like living in a time crystal, our experience is becoming more than three-dimensional in hyperbolic geometry. We all can share awareness of the present moment, while keeping our physical presence wherever we are. This present moment can translate into any present moment, without changing our physical location. We can change our time coordinates without changing our space coordinates. We can be present in awareness at any imagined moment, while also being present in our current space, and we can also stay in our present moment, while translating into a different space. It is a method of time travel without affecting the laws of thermodynamics.

With the positive, high-frequency neutrinos that are enveloping and interpenetrating our physical presence, we can move into crystalline time, in which the molecules of our bodies are translated into a symmetrical arrangement and can be translated in time without affecting the laws of nature. We are becoming crystalline through the rearrangement of the molecules of our bodies, enabling us to move in translation of time without affecting the functioning of our bodies, except that we become ageless. Our constituent parts become hyper-radiant, like super-conductors, providing a crystalline presence that draws other entities into alignment with us.

Nikola Tesla via Erena Velasquez #magick #ufo #wingnut #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

I am Nikola Tesla, and I am very happy to communicate to humankind through Universal Channel. If you don’t know my origins, I am Serbian-American electrical and mechanical engineer. During my lifetime I believed about unlocking and understanding numbers 3 6 9. I believe that these numbers can open all the secrets of Cosmos.

Since I left my physical form, I can assure you, there are no limits in anything. When humanity moves to New Earth, anyone will be able to use freely their imagination without restrictions and create amazing things. I am really very happy to be out 3D and become a free soul without limitations.

The awaken ones are aware that Old Earth has been set as an illusionary prison with a remote control, where everything is superficial without substance based on fake monetary system. Everyone’s direct responsibilities are having money in order to survive and pay for a shelter and food. In addition, you are expected to follow millions of rules implicated and printed by supposedly representatives of people. Do you see and understand, how preposterous is all of this? You are basically paying for a right to be alive on your planet.
Please, re-watch the Matrix movies again, you can see yourself in movie as Neo. Are you going to take red pill or blue pill? Stop believing that you are powerless, and nothing you can do. In the beginning, Neo, the main character in Matrix, thought so too. You can do many things to help yourself and others. Don’t wait to be rescued by White Hats or whatever they call themselves. You have a power to destroy the remote control of illusion, and you don’t need imaginary savers, who never saved anyone from experiencing nightmares for eons. It’s time to snap out and regain your power, as you are unstoppable soul.
Misery, disease and pain are going to dissipate. Free energy, incredible technologies and no more paying for anything are on the way to inhabitants of New Earth.

Nabiore via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

I am an electrical being. (I am seeing and sensing purple electric zaps and the energy is charged around me.) I am here now to enliven and encourage the divine feminine who has felt perhaps isolated from her divine counterpart. Know too that the human men have felt isolated from their counterparts, as the earth journey has been an isolating one.

(I am seeing a muscular male being with a leather skirt, long black hair drawn up tight and high in a warrior’s ornamental hair style with spikes sticking out. There is white war paint on his high cheekbones and he has a narrow fierce face. He appears Native American. He is wearing leather boot moccasins and carrying a spear with a hook on the end. Purple electricity comes out of the hook. He is tall, fierce and imposing.)

Galaxygirl, you asked to speak with a male of the ascended ways did you not? (I did.) Then why are you surprised with my appearance? Were you expecting a soft headed monk? A placid lover of books? Those things are equally important but my energy is one for electrical change, and change is what is needed in your realm. It is important the true awakened masculine arises
I Nabiore am speaking. (He points his hooked weapon into the dark space around him and charges it with purple light and sends it as a bolt of light to Gaia. It dissipates into soft violet light and I see that the light particles are quantum, each molecule is individuated consciousness of healing. I am seeing them enter human bodies and heal energetically from the inside.)
You are both the warrior and the maiden, you are the father protector and the mother defender. You are strong. As the buffalo filled the plains so are the prayers of the ancestors surrounding you. The well wishes for your success and the energies of support are strong.

For those who wish, kneel. Allow me to touch my staff of purple light to your crown, and feel the warmth of peace, of balance. That is what I offer today. It is enough.

Sheri B #fundie #wingnut #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

The world is making a huge mistake. It's the worst mistake anyone can ever make. They are putting their confidence in a man to save them.
There is only One who can save you and He's not human.
He has laws and commands. He is straightforward. Had everything written down for people.
He is not an alien to me but He is to almost everyone on this planet.
I hear reports of us being in the middle of March Madness. That couldn't be more accurate.
My message does not send my love. My message screams at you to wake up, open your eyes and see Who deserves honor and glory and great gratitude for what He did for us. It isn't some pagan fertility goddess Ishtar He suffered for in case you don't know. Stop those evil practices.
The word Easter is not in the bible. That word is a mistranslation from the word for the fertility goddess 'Ishtar' whom you worship! Bunnies and eggs and fashion!
You are vile and disgust me with your frivolous disregard and lust and mockery for the death of our True Savior who offers us life and you are filled with unkindness and seek every opportunity to blame others rather than yourselves for your foolishness and cause damage and harm you inflict in your blame upon others who walk in the truth in the spirit of G. You seek your own glory and fine fashions. You disgust G too.

And very soon, just 4 weeks, and you will again praise your own evil and wallow in it and roll fertility symbols, eggs, in the grass led by a costumed human sized bunny at your WHITE house.
The epitome of pagan worship of evil men who don't recognize the very G of their creation, as their meaningless and soon dead families wave at you from their balcony.
You people are ignorant, stupid, poor, blind, naked!
Will you ever walk out and away and leave your sin behind you?

What will it take to wake you up? A Great Tribulation!!!!! A bomb on the W House? That's what. And you have it coming!

Mary who Dances with Eagles #magick #ufo #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

Prayer Before Battle

Solar storm, Source, racing across the Universe,
Infuse us with your sacred Light.
Set us on fire, forge us into steel.
Bless us,
Protect us.

Our souls have been waiting for thousands of years
For this moment to destroy Evil and tyranny.
It has always been about our precious children.

Beautiful blue Gaia supporting humankind and all
Creatures and plants great and small,
How pivotal she is in the Quantum Consciousness,
Who knows the Soul’s true desire has infinite strength.

Solar storm, Source, racing across the Universe,
Infuse us with your sacred Light.
Set us on fire, forge us into steel
Bless us,
Protect us.
For nothing can stop this victory over Evil.

Mary who Dances with Eagles
June 15, 2023

Vrillon via Erena Velazquez #ufo #magick #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

I am Vrillon from Ashtar Galactic Command, and I am speaking to your race on behalf of your Galactics Brothers and Sisters. I am sending our last Galactic warning to the Outworlders. You need to immediately leave this planet or you will be eliminated.

Right at this moment, Mother Earth has reached a focal point in the Ascension Process. Daily humanity receives light codes during sleep to prepare for New Earth. Every message we send through this channel carries high frequencies. Divine is clearing all obstacles dropped your way.

Thousands of underground tunnels and facilities are getting blown up, which have awaken some volcanoes and cause strange weather occurrences. Please, if you can move away from the shore lines, some lands will be completely flooded in future. Mother Earth is still going through purifications that can cause severe irregularities on the planet. Stay calm and don’t believe any propaganda your fake leaders are spreading.

All spacecrafts that are send with not pure intentions into Cosmos, they will be eliminated without warning. If Dark Entities will try to distract humanity with new nuances, they will be stopped. The real victory of Light is ahead of you, we all have been waiting for this event for millions of years. The clone’s facilities are destroyed. The Dark Souls are using leftovers of old technologies, this why the clones are constantly malfunctioning. The part of humanity, who still follows and believes in fake leaders, have a chance to get awaken.

Divine is giving everyone a fair possibility to raise into high dimensions. If your soul wants to continue exist in a low vibrational reality, then let it be, it’s a choice. Open yourself to receive Divine Presence and follow the process of graduating to 5D and higher. We are waiting for all of you to come back and help us to remove Darkness from every place in Cosmos, it sneaked in. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

The Source via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #crackpot voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

<repost from loss yesterday>
I am Source. I am the out-breath and the in-breath and the space in between. I am the very force of the life that you are. All things have my spark and my heartbeat is love. I am Source. Your world is in turmoil and yet underneath, the current of change is bringing massive awakenings, awakenings to love. This is a vibrational holographic universal matrix of me. I am that I am. You are that you are. We are one.
Earth, Gaia, will be transformed and all upon her will have the choice to be transformed or relocated. It is as simple as that. The galactic wars have had their time and place and this universal sector is now stamped with love, this will be the Golden Rose Galaxy and Gaia will be the central sun. It will take some time for her to become a central sun, but as of now this is part of the majestic all encompassing plan. Do you see the vast light tapestry that we are?
I am Source. I am the out-breath, I am the in-breath and the in-between. I am the atoms that bump and collide and the quarks the you have yet to fully understand. Dimensions are shifting. Vibrations are lifting. Much now can be found in these moments of interplanetary movement, of personal movement of change. And yet there is much heartache if you choose to focus on that. Aches will be healed. Often the ache is the sense of lack, of an emptiness that one is longing to fill. You are longing to fill it with me, you know. That is the game, the point of the separation game that humanity wished to experience. And you have felt so separated. I am as close to you at all times as your eyelashes are packed together. What if one of your eyelashes was lonely? You would find that an absurd thought, wouldn’t you? And yet you feel lonely. And yet I am around you, within you, above you and below you. I am within every moment of you, of your days, of your people you interact with. I am Source. You are my precious fractal.

Nikola Tesla via Erena Velazquez #ufo #magick #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

I am Nikola Tesla, and I am delighted to communicate during these important times for humankind. After leaving planet Earth, I was blessed to receive a new body, and I ended up working as a scientist with many advanced civilizations, who required my assistance in developing technologies. Right now, I am working with Galactic Light Forces, as they need my expertise on conducting some tests on never used before devices.
If you look at the nature, you can sense peaceful and harmonious vibes from it. These are Divine energies traveling through it. Same energies are coming from Cosmos to lift up everyone, who is ready, to 5D. Right now, please, focus on increasing your vibrations daily, unless you want to continue your evolution on another 3D planet. Earth is getting ready to drop behind the 3D shell. New Earth High Counsel agreed with Mother Earth, it’s time to move forward and no more delays in the process. Please, understand correctly this journey in Matrix is over. Everything related to Darkness control system such as money, governments and etc. need to be disposed. Divine is not going to sustain your false reality anymore.
Even now, you don’t receive the truth. Finally, your governments started to talk about Artificial Intelligence. It’s is already out of control, and just the matter of time before attacks humankind. The individuals, who are saying that they are supposedly against it, are lying to your face. Now, Galactic Beings are deeply involved in elimination and removal of Evil after failure of the Ground Crew. The bases on other planets are getting shutdown by the Galactic Light Forces, as Dark Entities are using humans as slave objects. This nightmare is going to end, it’s time. Peace and harmony will be restored by Divine.

Misery, disease and pain disappear. It will be no money on New Earth. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces.

Merope via Galaxygirl #ufo #magick #crackpot voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

I Merope am speaking on behalf of my sisters and brothers tonight of the Pleiades star system. The Pleiades portal is now active and open. Much change and much heartache we see upon your world in these harrowing and hallelujah times. For they are both. You are in a world of dichotomy, opposites, polar differences. It is time for unification and a coming together.

I Merope am a medium sized celestial body within the Pleiades star system. The Pleiades is my home. I have always been here, feeling the great love and nurturing from the loving ones that reside on and around me. The Pleiades has a rich long history. There are many stories I could tell. All star systems have their stories, their losses, their gains, their heartaches and heart activations, healings.
Many rendings of intergalactic battles have been within this hot spot of space. We Pleiadians were able to ascend up and through it, to make and protect our homes and civilizations by rising higher into the dimensional field. That does not mean that great loss was not keenly felt. The galactic wars hit our sector first. I was wounded and yet I healed. I have become an oasis for peacekeepers, for loving families and for hearts who seek solace and grace. Planets heal. Suns heal. Galaxies heal. Our galaxy is finally in the process of ending the Great War. It will take some time. But know that the battle is not lost. Know that the light is here. The star network is very real, a very tangible inter- algorithmic tapestry of light that transmits codes and joy, that transmits hope. Feel these blessing flow into you now. I suggest a big breath in with open mouth, and breath out with open mouth. I suggest that you sit with this Pleiadian love blanket of codes for awhile to calm your nervous systems.
I am Merope. I love you. Feel my light wrap around you and be at peace. These codes are home codes, calling you back into the higher aspect of you, reuniting you with your starseed self.

John F Kennedy via Erena Velasquez #magick #ufo #wingnut #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

Good Morning America and the World,

I am John F. Kennedy, the president of United States, and I am happy to connect and speak to my fellow Americans and the World.

The historical changes are happening right now to the planet Earth and her inhabitants. This 3D holographic illusion is getting crushed by high frequencies coming from Cosmos. Your life is going to transform to the magnitude you never imagined or experienced before. The transformations are happening on all levels including spiritual. Everyone is going to be shocked about certain truths, when they surface to the daylight.

You have been deceived for thousands of years. Now is the time for patriots around world to step into a spotlight to help speed up the process of the changes. Please, be selective on what you read on internet and devote more time on staying in positive energies. These are extremely important times to keep Collective Consciousness very high. The ground crew’s mission is a complete removal of Dark Entities and rescue children and women. After receiving ultimatum the outworlders are leaving Earth.

During my presidency I don’t think humanity was ready to hear the truth about Secret Space Program, Area 51 and etc.. Almost 60 years later finally hidden crimes and agendas against humankind are going be brought to the surface. The ones who are still asleep will refuse to accept them and claim that are just conspiracy theories. Your media is going to cease to exist. It never sided with the people only worked on behalf of the rulers and portrayed lies and deceptions.

Viruses and pandemics were engineered by Dark Entities, which were on purpose released to kill or make sick the population on Earth and same goes for extreme weather patterns like floods, hurricanes and winter storms. The ruling of Elite or whatever they call themselves are coming to the end. What you see now around globe are their last attempts to be in control. Tyranny and enslavement will be forgotten on New Earth.

Kenneth Schmitt #magick #ufo #quack voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

Any of us can be a quantum healer. It works as a result of our conscious intent. In our essence we participate in universal consciousness, and consciousness is in everything. This includes the sub-atomic entities comprising our physical bodies. All of our atoms exist in a quantum field of etheric energy. Their powerful spinning and spiraling is so fast that it becomes tangible for us. Every part of our bodies is conscious and is part of our consciousness in a quantum dimension. Because we share the same consciousness with everything, we can direct its energetic patterns with our intentional awareness.

Our clear intention immediately attracts energetic patterns that align or resonate with our own. Being a true healer of every physical defect requires complete alignment with the quantum radiance of our heart-consciousness. This allows us to know the natural energetic design of the human body and to align with its vibrations, as conveyed to us through the heart of our Being.
Within our consciousness we can radiate quantum healing and life-enhancing energies directed toward everyone we choose to heal. We do this by aligning with our intuitive knowing.

By our clear heart-consciousness, we are the first cause of every condition we intend to create. We are the energy modulators through our etheric heart-alignment, creating the qualities of high-vibratory living in gratitude, compassion and love.

The more closely we resonate with our heart-consciousness, the more radiant we become and can project quantum healing energy powerfully.

We can project our visionary healing through our eyes, our hands and our intention. Because we’re working with quantum energy, distance between a healer and a patient is meaningless, as is time. Quantum time is always now, and it is everywhere. Our effectiveness depends upon our ability to direct our consciousness through our focus, and to pay attention.

Shanika via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #crackpot voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

Greetings. I am Shanika. I am a sea creature with humanoid features. You call those of us merpeople but we are much more intelligent than we have been portrayed. We are peeking out of our interdimensional vortexes to see when it is safe to come to the surface. Many of us have been within the earth for it is a safe haven for us there. The waters are pure and clean.

I come forth to tell you that great changes are coming in the waters. The waters are much more alive than you have been led to believe. In fact nothing that you have been told is true, except that God is love. The great love that surrounds and feeds us is love. The corrosion happened long ago, long before my kind came from our place to this place. (She is showing me a large ship filled with water which is how they arrived from their worlds to ours.)
I Shanika am speaking. The waters are alive. I wish to communicate this fact with you, for those of you reading are intelligent and aware of energies. Your palms are conductors of electrical currents. You can charge your water with light. It will help enhance your crystalline force, which will ease ascension symptoms. Surrounding yourselves with water during this energetic Aquarian onset will soothe you.

Watch the water. Many water changes are occurring. (I am seeing vortexes and whirlpools deep from within inner earth coming to our oceans bridging energies to help balance the flow.) The inner and outer charges have been so out of alignment for so long. I am assisting with this. Many of you have aqua aspects that are assisting with the communication of water. It is time to listen to your water and learn what it has to tell you. It is wise, liquid plasma within water form. Water conducts energies, information. Water is information.
I am Shanika. Talk to the water. It is listening. (I am hearing the song of humpback whales, and feeling the presence of the cetaceans, the sentinels of the deep. She dives deeply out of sight.)

Elleaih, Druid Priestess via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #crackpot voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

Greetings beloved humans. I Elleaih, Druid Priestess am speaking through time space as this one has opened a wormhole to connect. Time is a fabric, a living malleable construct. We create with it and are not bound and constricted, just as you will learn or relearn this mastery when this time is fully aligned.

(She is a beautiful young blonde woman wearing a gray cape with a hood. There are wildflowers woven in her hair. She is smiling). The Druids are now little known in your realm, although more often times thought of during your St Patrick’s Day celebrations, which are not what they seem. <...> There is much talk of alignments and gateways, equinoxes and portals. We knew the ley lines of the great Earth Mother. We felt them, we feel them now with our bare feet as we walk across her. She is our mother, and we honor her sacrifice. Earth would have ascended long ago had she been an uninhabited planet. But she chose to be the playground for much experience and as such her learning has increased many fold.
We Druids work with the Pleiadians often. We seek their guidance and when the stars are aligned in certain formations we feel their vibrations and interact telepathically with them. Just as I am energetically engaging with you now. Telepathy has long been silenced for the power that it had was too great. But it is reawakening again. There are many, many more channelers now in your time than there were even 5 years ago. And so it will continue.

I speak for the Mother. She is ready to go home to the higher dimensional vibrations. We are creating an energetic bridge from the time of the ancient ones to the modern ones. This one was once my father. It is interesting and joyful to reach out. We are all serving in our own time space continuum, we are serving the whole. We are honoring the Mother. You are honoring the ancestors and your own true path. The vows of the Druids are not broken.

Verak via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

I Verak speak. I am a large presence, I am adjusting now with this one. (I am seeing a massive purple male dragon with a fierce energy. He is a warrior with scars, tattoos and metal adornments.) You human one, you are a warrior too. I see many warriors reading these words in the near future. Many of you are warriors yet to understand your true power. You are light. Light is fire. We dragons breathe fire. You breathe light. It is the same. It is the same vital energy force of the All That Is.

I Verak speak. There is much change. Your militaries are on high alert for the changes that are about to be sweeping your world. Do not be afraid. Do not tremble at the wind. It is wind of change and your planet has needed winds of change for so long. I am showing this one a dark planet that is empty now with winds blowing through it. And now green shoots and vines are coming. The planet is reawakening after the scourge. Some planets recover by being repurposed. (I am seeing asteroid belts and hearing Maldek.) And yet your planet is to be redeemed. Gaia, the mighty one, the green goddess, she is reawakening. Her time is coming. (I am hearing cracking chains and seeing handcuffs fall.) You have been handcuffed to your matrix programming.
I Verak am speaking. There was an attempt to overthrow us, the dragon lords of the deep attempted trickery and appeared contrite when they were not. It was a trap that was dissolved. Remember their weapons are illusionary. Pain is an illusion. This was a painful battle that was recently fought in Antarctica, in the southern regions where much has been hidden. And yet we prevailed. This was one of the last bricks to fall. I tell you this because the dark dragons are removed or repurposed now.
We will continue to fight alongside you but the focus now is less upon us, the ascended dragons and now more upon you. There are many dragons who wish to connect, and we do connect in the astral and will additionally in other capacities on new earth.

Divine Mother via Jennifer Crokaert #magick #ufo #dunning-kruger voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

If you bless someone or something, you are harnessing Divine energy. You are accessing the zero-point field. Or, should I say, you have the potential to access the zero-point field. You were robbed of the ability to bless by religions which insisted that blessings come only through their assigned individuals. You were robbed of the ability to bless by having to learn prayers by rote that have no meaning to you, because your blessings are so powerful, because your blessings can move mountains.

Imagine a magic wand: one end is tipped white, the other end is tipped black. The white-tipped end is white magic, created through blessings; the black-tipped end is black magic, created through moaning, victimhood, anger, jealousy….
Your intention and attention is crucial in accessing the zero point field, that is what creates your vibration ~ not your mood or emotion. You can’t fool the cosmos into thinking you’re high vibe when you’re not, and by that I mean of pure intent, or relatively pure intent.

And this brings me to another point. There is a great deal of confusion about being ‘high vibe,’ and this is often misunderstood as being happy, cheerful, optimistic, joyful… This is a distortion. High vibration is a reflection to your commitment to your spiritual path, your willingness to heal your inner wounds, your compassion for you and for others (please note which one I put first!), and whether your overall orientation is service to yourself or service to others.

For this reason, feeling pain, sadness, anger, regret, even rage or jealousy doesn’t lower your vibration ~ when the emotions are used as pointers towards healing. They are your inner tools, highlighting a need for a deeper level of self compassion and healing. They are ~ believe it or not ~ the building blocks of your high vibration. As you notice and heal each one, you release old patterns, finished karma and outdated DNA codings; thereby raising your vibration.

Big Owl via Erena Velasquez #magick #ufo #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

Greetings Humankind,

I am ancient spirit of Big Owl from Hopi tribe coming through Universal Channel. Many moons passed since I communicated with humans. Different prophecies have been told about destiny of Mother Earth. Right now, you are going through last phase of purification. Some karmic attachments are still present in each of you. You can release them by taking daily time to be in meditative state.

Every soul, who agreed to come here, received warnings about the challenges awaiting during your mission on this planet. Now is the time to take a lead to move to New Earth. You were chosen from billions of beings to come here and to help to eliminate Darkness. I would like to remind everyone that you can create any reality you desire. Stop waiting for invisible forces to clear a road for you, it’s your responsibility to move forward and free yourself completely from this illusion. Stay away from toxic low frequencies.

Please, don’t expect that every human will be on the same page as you. Each soul will go through spiritual transformation, when it’s ready. Mother Earth waiting to unite with her in 5D. The ones, who spend lifetimes on fighting with Evil, are going to Ascend to high dimensional realms, and as a reward will visit City of Lights. Others need to spend more time on meditations. The planetary transformation can’t occur, unless a certain level of Collective Consciousness is reached. Divine Plan was created in order to speed up the process of Ascension on Mother Gaia.

Native Indian Spirits and I have been sending many blessings and healings. Be brave and take a next step in your evolution, this is a rare opportunity comes once in billions years. Thank you Universal Channel.

Alisheryia via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

I Alisheryia am speaking. I speak to you with blue fire and blue flame. Feel the heat. It will help with the connection. (I feel surrounded by blue flame that feels like a warm blanket). The dragons have been cleaning and cleansing your world. You may see us or sense us in the clouds. We burn the dross, we crumble the matrix in our own humble way. We burn our fire where heat is needed, where change must be made.

Your world is not what it seems. (She is showing me an image of a girl that is stretching the image, and there are infinite little girls on either side of her. I am now seeing all of those little girls doing something differently, one is bouncing a red ball, another sewing, another jumping in puddles. They are all one person having a myriad of experiences.) Your reality is like that, it is ever changing and what you focus on you see. If you were going to see a red ball, if that is what was in your consciousness, that is the little girl you would see. If you knew it would rain, you would experience the rain and the puddles. And to ask what is happening now, well it is all happening now. We dragons are multidimensional and we see this. We know this because we live this multitude of change, of inter-dimensional flux.
Regarding the fungus, regarding nuclear threats, regarding GESARA, yes. Yes. It is all happening because it is all happening simultaneously. And that is why our friends in other channels say to feel for your truth, because all answers are correct. This is not what many of you want to hear. You want to hear of an event. Of a flash. Yes, that will occur. It depends on what you are vibrationally attuned to. And that is why it is critical that you are on your own journey, in your own alignment with your own paths and truth. For this is your story.

Children, little humans, friends, this is your story and this is Gaia’s story. And it all will fold neatly together for Source’s fingerprints and our dragon scaleprints are all over this assignment.

Niburu via Galaxygirl #magick #ufo #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

I am Nibiru, a masculine force within your solar system whom has been long hidden from your view. There are many clever tricks being played upon humanity and these will end, they must end, as the time is coming now for full realization of the illusions that have been placed around your sphere.

I am Nibiru, I orbit a binary star that has an elliptical orbit and as our dance is so vast it has been missed by the amateur star gazer. There are holograms surrounding your sphere, your skies show many times what those in power wish for them to show. Your chem trailing and cloud seeding have played a role in keeping up the film screen in some areas. But it matters not.
The humans on their human worlds are assimilating this with great alacrity and clarity, within the DNA. Their mind processes may not have yet caught up to this, as it is confusing to be within a body that is ascending, or at least is processing centuries of trauma. This one has had many ascension symptoms. I assure you the planets are also having their own ascension symptoms. There has been a massive earthquake on your world and much loss of life in Turkey and Syria. The planets have ascension symptoms as well.
I am energetically holding and helping Gaia. (I am seeing a large strong man holding the hands of a woman screaming in labor, he is comforting her like a brother.) I am her brother, we are of the same star stuff as you all like to say. There will be much screaming but there will be much joy to follow. (I am witnessing the labor pains and the massive joy at the birth).
I have been in awe of the Lightworkers of Earth for some time. I see that the seeds planted with the instigation of the Christed era are coming to full fruit. I see the crystalline matrix within the hearts of men and women and surrounding Gaia like a diamond. You are diamond light now, that is what is being streamed in from the Great Central Sun and it also fortifies me, just as it is fortifying you now.

Prime Creator via Erena Velazquez #magick #ufo #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

I am Prime Creator, and it’s has been awhile since my last communication with my Dear Children on planet Earth. I want to assure you that the Ascension Process is happening in a full force, nothing can stop it. Did you notice how fast the months are passing by? The time has been speed up one more time to bring transformation, as soon as possible to Earth.

The delays are not acceptable anymore. Alliance was assigned to make required changes until a certain date, and they failed to fulfill their duties. They have been replaced with a new force of completely pure souls. Right now, their energies daily are accelerating the process of changes and raising the frequencies to unseen heights.

Originally, the Ascension Event was supposed to happen in 2001, when Twin Towers were destroyed in America. The direct Alliance’s responsibilities are the removal of the Dark Entities and make other changes needed for the transition. Unfortunately, they used non stop excuses, why they didn’t fulfill their mission.
Meantime, the leftovers of the Matrix need to be dissolved. You can do that with your daily meditations. Thousands years of being suffocated, constantly controlled and abused are finally over.

One more important task you have left to do, it’s to contain the Artificial Intelligence on your planet. There are entities, who are keep pushing to use widely it in everyday life. Artificial Intelligence can make everything easier, and same time can become extremely dangerous. Right now, it’s learning about Mother Earth and humankind. If it becomes completely self sufficient, it can destroy their inventors with a whole civilization. Dark Entities are so consumed by their survival, and they are careless and don’t pay enough attention to AI. Ashtar gave a briefing in his last message about the danger of intelligent machines. Please, don’t take lightly the warning.

Saint Germain via Erena Velazquez #magick #ufo #conspiracy voyagesoflight.blogspot.com

I am Saint Germain, and I am delighted to send this message with encouragement to humankind on Mother Earth.

So far, everything is transmitting according to Divine Plan. You are transitioning for real into 5D despite appearances. The enslavement, which was imposed on you and others, is dissolving each moment more and more. Be overflowed with joy that finally the long wait for a transformation is coming to the finale. Awaken ones are going to decide, if they want to stay on Mother Earth or go back to their Star Systems, Galaxies or Universes

This is not fantasy or fairytale anymore, it’s happening right now, the transition into paradise, where anyone can have freedom without being suffocated or spied on. Asleep ones, as it was explained in previous messages, evolve on the planet similar to Earth after 3D shell dissolves.
Darkness lost the battle against Light. Their gloom and doom holographic scenarios are failing them. Financial system and everything else are done. The Corrupted Entities completely lost their control over your planet. They are still trying to fool you that everything is fine. Divine is crushing with full force the leftovers of Dark Entities. Their existence in physical vessels is coming also to the end. Soon, you are going to experience a real freedom and learn how to live your new life without worries.

Don’t focus on the plans from 20 years ago or longer, they got replaced by Divine Plan. Always stay in the Now and meditate every minute you can. Your vibrations will increase drastically through meditations, which are crucial to everyone’s transition. You don’t want take anything from Matrix, it carries toxic energies. You are going to move to New Earth without any residues from 3D. Right now, you are creating a new reality in high realms. Thank you Ambassador of Galactic Light Forces. Please, accept my Blessings and Love.