Debbie Duerksen Flatt #racist

Again hateful led minorities have gotten political leaders to bow down to whims. We cannot change history....Flag was NOT Hate it was a battle flag that the southern states wanted to be free to sell their goods to other countries and keep the money here, realize haters that more Northerners owned slaves than Southerners. Also many free blacks fought fir the South.Lincoln brought up the slave issue so he could actually send all slaves to south America. So the Whites are not hateful led if they want to keep symbol of American Southern History, But this country needs to stop bowing down to every offended entity and grow a pair and stand up for the unoffended majority. All those that are offended by every little thing need to grow a pair or put on big people pants. There are many things that offend many people but they don't go for the temper tantrum crybaby mode.



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