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RE: [JFL] Cringiest debate I've seen, man attempts to refute the racepill and blackpill

>Asian women are the most loyal"

In the first 1 month of knowing them sure.

>"Asian men are slaying"

They literally slay the least of all races according to any statistic.

>"Women prefer foreigners over white men"

Giga cope, proven to be false. Everyone wants white dick.

>"Women love their autistic babies"

Maybe. But rat females also love their babies so what's your point?

>"Women tend to choose culture over primitive instinct"

Daily reminder your own mom will sleep with your bully if she ever saw him

>"Women prefer men who can't take care of themselves"

Won't even comment on that.

>"Looks don't matter in this day and age"

They matter the most right now for multiple reasons and if you are not attractive enough don't even think of trying. Most norms would realise this within this decade.



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