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[Title: US doctor who treated 10-year-old rape victim faces hearing]
[...] Licensing Board [...] opened a disciplinary hearing [...] after she spoke out about offering abortion care to a 10-year-old rape victim[...].

[...]told her story to The Indianapolis Star [...] to illustrate the immediate effects of [...] overturn the constitutional right to an abortion.

[...]the board heard a complaint from Indiana’s Attorney General Todd Rokita, a Republican and opponent of abortion rights, accusing Bernard of violating both state and federal law.
Bernard “has repeatedly and regularly spoken to the press to perpetuate the coverage of her patient’s private life”[...]

[...]the patient was never named [...] accuses Bernard of triggering “an intense media search” for information about the girl.

Bernard and her lawyers, however, have denied any violation of [...] the law that protects patient privacy.
[...]Bernard’s employer, Indiana University Health, issued a statement confirming the doctor had complied with patient privacy laws.
Ohio was able to impose an existing six-week abortion ban that had been mired in legal controversy since 2019.

That forced the 10-year-old and her mother to seek abortion care across state lines, in Indiana. At the time Bernard first heard about the 10-year-old, she was six weeks and three days pregnant.

The child ultimately received a medication abortion, and a 27-year-old suspect in the rape case was arrested in July.
Bernard’s public statements about the case sparked a political firestorm, with many anti-abortion advocates — and prominent politicians like Ohio Representative Jim Jordan — casting doubt on the story’s veracity.
[...]Cory Voight argued that it was Bernard who was advancing her own political agenda. [...] on Fox News to slam Bernard as an “abortion activist acting as a doctor”.
[...]judge[...]rule that Rokita had violated confidentiality laws himself[...]



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