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[From "Blood, Soil, and Faith – The Fundamental Building Blocks of a Nation, Part III: Faith"]

For the third and final part of this series, we will look at the religious component of this process. In a secular age, religion tends to be ignored. However, much like genetics, just because something is considered taboo does not mean it is incorrect[…]
Religion plays another key role in how nations are formed – people with radically different religions, even if closely related both genetically and living in a similar climate, cannot form a coherent nation. Notice I wrote “radically” different religions[…]
Perhaps one of the most critical examples regarding religion and nation-building can be observed in the former Yugoslavia. The nations of Yugoslavia were genetically similar (South Slavs) and share a similar Balkan climate, but they could not form a single nation because of the differences between the Catholics, Orthodox, and Muslims[…]
This should not be taken as a call to deport all non-Catholics and non-Protestants out of Dixie, I know many good Southerners who are Orthodox, including several who are Southern Nationalists[…]Western Christians and Orthodox are still united by Christ. With Dixie’s tiny number of Orthodox Christians, and most of them converts, there is no reason to expel them. Things get significantly more complicated when we start talking about non-Christian religions, though I think the majority of Muslims, Hindus, Jews, etc. will voluntarily leave a Free Dixie[…]
Blood (genetics), soil (geography/climate), and faith (religion) all work together to form a nation. When one of these building blocks is missing, this process is not possible[…]By utilizing blood, soil, and faith, Dixie has become a coherent nation in contrast to the mess that is the United States, a polity that ignores all of these three components



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