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[From "Dey Ain’t Have Ta Kill Dis Boi"]

Humans aren’t all the same[…]That’s why we all belong in our own countries or godforsaken jungles[…]
Black people don’t suffer from this problem. To them, everything is about them[…]When they were utilized as farm equipment it was a punishment from God on His divine chosen, and when they’re utilized as instruments of chaos by its contemporary sowers this is because their cause is righteous

This can lead to a couple reactions from different types of white people that really piss me off[…]One type of our own will implore these blacks to be reasonable by pointing out the vast statistical disparity in interracial violence[…]
Another type will look at the destruction[…]use empathy[…]conclude that they’d need to be badly-abused to behave this way so there must be some validity to the black fury

I hate everyone in both categories[…]
There’s no reasoning with blacks. It’s possible to use some combination of fear and proactive law enforcement to impose a semblance of stability[…]What’s not possible is to achieve these two outcomes by praising them, apologizing for not doing anything wrong, giving them free stuff, and awarding them a privileged status vis-à-vis the law[…]
Black conception of material wealth at the racial level is that everybody is “given stuff.” White people are given more stuff than black people, thus explaining the disparity between a suburb and a dilapidated war zone like Baltimore[…]You’re just giving them that to which they’re entitled. The notion that whites can achieve black good behavior through gratitude is infuriating[…]
The facilitation of a black attack on Heritage America has to be understood in the context of global war, carbon footprints, genetic injections, and turning kids into trannies[…]
What all of these measures, ostensibly to help blacks, amount to is the removal of civilizational constraints on a demographic with no native suite of capabilities to establish a civilization

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[From "A Christian Nation, Retake Everything!"]

In my last article, I initiated a conversation on the hard choices that will have to be made[…]
These transgressions[…]outlawed at the time of my birth[…]Abortion, sodomy, public displays of transsexualism, the ability to access graphic pornography in any form, etc., were forbidden[…]There were Sabbath laws, or what we called in the South: “Blue Laws”[…]
Identity Dixie has been publishing[…]with this simple propaganda statement since its inception: “Retake Everything!”[…]It got me disowned by some very “nice” people, many of whom are only now recognizing the peril of real persecution the Church now faces[…]
Where are the best chances for this Reconquista[…]?By all measurable statistics, it is White Evangelicals that resist godless behavior in our society the most

With that in mind, the South is the natural place to build Fortress Christendom, and well into the next millennium. The reason being: Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, and Oklahoma have populations of about 50% White Evangelicals, and the rest of the South reach numbers between 30-45%, save Louisiana and Florida, which are about 25%. Although, those states have large White Roman Catholic populations that would rise, if divinely motivated[…]
We will change the laws we live under to reflect, as best we can, the clearest teachings of the Gospel, not trying to remake ancient Israel, but forge a nation marching compassionately and justly heavenward[…]Men will be free to choose whom they associate, all men will work to provide for their families, those that are poor will be given a leg up (not a hand out), banking laws will be changed to outlaw usury, we will have sound money and that money will be used for the betterment of our people, our borders will be secured […]we will seek a peaceful coexistence among all nations, especially those that extoll Christ as King!

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[From "Abraham Lincoln: Hero of the Left, and, Unfortunately, the Right"]

Those who have done their research on[…]Lincoln and his socialist proclivities realize he has been embraced by[…]left-wing types. This is common knowledge among many people. What is not always common[…]is that Lincoln[…]is somehow still an icon of the Right[…]
Lincoln’s love affair with the Left has been noted in an article[…]on Jacobin[…]“From Karl Marx to Eugene Debs to 1930s American Communists, leftists have regarded Lincoln as a pro-labor hero who played a crucial role in vanquishing chattel slavery. We should celebrate him today as part of the great radical democratic tradition”[…]Lincoln would have loved China Joe Biden[…]
If only those people had been aware of Lincoln’s racist turn of mind, they might have taken a different tack. Their “hero” would probably have balked at being placed in the company of black abolitionists[…]
Lincoln never freed a single slave. His “Emancipation Proclamation” only applied to slaves in the Confederate States[…]Lincoln was not really opposed to slavery – unless it was Confederate slavery[…]
Most on the Left, and many on the Right, don’t like to hear the truth about Lincoln[…]
When I wrote for the old National Educator[…]I did a series of articles on Lincoln and his socialist connections. The people that complained the loudest were patriotic conservatives[…]
In an article by Claude S. Fischer[…]“During just one term[…]Lincoln managed to do the following[…]taxed the wealth creators…exploded deficit spending…led a federal takeover of currency and banks…forced people to work for the federal government…indulged in government giveaways to special interests…expropriated private property for redistribution…”

Joe Biden would have loved him, except for his party label[…]Remember that in the mid-1800s the Republicans were socialists, and the Democrats were conservatives. Today, both parties are socialist–Council on Foreign Relations socialists!

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[From "A Christian Nation or Heavenly Rebellion?"]

I’ve been watching and listening to the current debate#among my Christian brothers, and the false ones, on the idea of Christian Nationalism#
As God is sovereign over all things, it makes absolute sense that His divine purpose would be that all men submit to His authority in all things. This would include#all governments#The opposition, and I’m talking about Christians, seem to prefer something else, a nation state not constitutionally bound in obedience to the Almighty, but to a secular ideal of sort. How interesting?

There is nothing new under the sun, and we’ve seen this over and over again in the Bible, and especially with the kings of Israel#They never seemed to live up to those expectations. Even the good kings always seemed to stop just short#
They wanted Jehovah Nationalism, but only if they could keep a few things left untouched. Seems reasonable, except it eventually brought national destruction#
I remember when abortion was the law of the land; certain “Pro-Life” groups, including their denominational allies, regularly called abortion murder, and as the Bible clearly states, murder is a capital offense#When Our Divine Majesty gives them everything they want, they backtrack on the implementation of a just punishment for the murder of unborn children

Believe it or not, but sodomy and other homosexual acts were once illegal#Practitioners of such acts could go to jail. But that seemed unkind, although under the laws of God, it is also a capital offense#In modern America, our laws no longer subdue evil for the benefit of society, but our godless culture promotes every type of sexually deviant behavior all over the world. We even sacrifice our nation’s children, mutilating their genitalia, dressing them up as sex objects for pedophiles#
Christian Nationalism will never work in these United States, it’s just too big. However, it can work in states#
Deo Vindice!

God save the South!

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[From "Our Ungodly American Constitution"]

Transgenderism was always equality’s final battlefield[…]The idea that the sexes are mutable was an inevitability once we – as a society – subscribed to the ungodly notion that we are all “equal”[…]
The greatest fault of the Constitution is the following: through the amendment and legislative process, the Constitution is grounded in nothing but the collective whims of the majority[…]
God did not make us equals[…]Galatians 3:28[…]verse was referring to equality under the law – specifically the laws of God[…]Those who are not Christians do not enjoy the benefit of this new relationship between God and Christians[…]
Even if it was not the original intention of the majority Christian Founding Fathers[…]Constitution codified equality of good (Christianity) and bad[…]
The next great failure of the Constitution was its lack of codified racial distinctions. The Constitution was written by White Christian men (some Deists) in a time when Europe was the dominant continent[…]The idea of Asian, African, or Indian equality was never considered by the authors[…]
God created physical nations. God intended those nations to remain distinct[…]
Until the 14th Amendment, the Constitution and the Bible largely complemented one another[…]
When the greatest threat to one’s survival is a swift cheetah, God created people who are not sitting around dwelling upon esoteric concepts in a subdued state getting sun burned all day[…]
Jim Crow Laws in the South tried to reconcile the federal Constitution’s “equality under the law” with the God given genetic reality[…]
God given genetic construct of black people makes it more difficult for them to function under White systems of government[…]
Constitutional Republic completely unravels on the altar of equality when it is sacrificed to the emotional appeal and dictates of women

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[From "GAXIT! Free Georgia Now"]

After a Kemp victory last November, Georgia’s political future has become clearer[…]It’s now been proven that the Peach State still has enough genuine Georgians to keep an anti-White zealot like Stacey Abrams out of the governorship. Georgia’s monuments largely still stand intact, a new anti-child sex change bill (SB 40) has passed, the “Heartbeat” law has successfully returned, and gun rights have been expanded. On the other hand, long-term demographic issues are not looking great[…]it’s imperative for Georgia to secede before the next gubernatorial election[…]
A major component of a Free Georgia will be ensuring that Southerners (bonafide Georgians) are running and managing the state. Enacting the county unit system in all statewide elections will be critical. This is a topic that has been discussed by the Georgia League of the South and at Identity Dixie but[…]it’s an important step to curtail the carpetbagger-dominated Metro Atlanta[…]
Southern Nationalists could convince a squeamish representative to push for pro-Southern policies. It’s during this period that Southern Nationalist advocates would focus on restoring, and then solidifying, Georgia’s pro-Dixie cultural and social foundation

For starters, one should look at the vast potential of Stone Mountain[…]Largest (currently) monument to the South’s efforts in the War for Southern Independence[…]
We could easily morph whatever remains of the Georgia National Guard into a new “Army of Georgia,” fastened with the old 1956 Georgia flag[…]This new unit would be used for home defense[…]
This brings me to the idea[…]that Georgia is a purple or “non-White” state; thus, the Left would “rebel.” In truth, I could envision a few violent riots in Atlanta, like we saw with “Cop City” but the new “Army of Georgia” would quickly and efficiently remove such threats. Antifa cowards will flee Georgia

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[From "Lincoln County, Mississippi???"]

The Mississippi county 120 miles due west of my native Wayne County is Lincoln County. I’m not sure why it just recently dawned on me, but Lincoln County, Mississippi is named for the tyrant, liar, and war criminal, and the 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. With quite a bit of irony, the county situated two counties east of Lincoln County, is more appropriately named in honor of a truly honorable Southern gentleman, Jefferson Davis

Lincoln County was established by an act of the Mississippi legislature on April 7, 1870. I was dumbfounded as to how and why this legislative body voted to name these 586 square miles after the man who was responsible for the war of invasion, occupation, and subjugation[…]
Was the Mississippi legislature overcome by Stockholm Syndrome? Possibly, but perhaps the best answer lies in the numbers comprising the legislature. In the 1870 legislature, there were 110 Republicans, 35 of whom were black. Reconstruction was in full swing at the time, and pro-Union forces took their vengeance on the Confederates for daring to rebel against the Yankee Empire, for daring to establish their own new country[…]
Yet, here we are in Mississippi in 2023 – stuck with Lincoln County, named after the man who despised the South, and who delighted in the destruction of its land, farms and homes, and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of its inhabitants. With few exceptions (notably, Senator Chris McDaniel), modern-day Mississippi Republicans are as worthless as their 1870 counterparts. On June 28, 2020, they forever turned their backs on their brave Confederate ancestors and voted to replace the Mississippi flag[…]
Eternal shame on the Mississippi legislature of 1870 and 2020. The Party of Lincoln may have prevailed, but I, for one, refuse to participate in the worship and deification of its namesake

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[From "The Blood of the Tennessean Martyrs"]

I am writing this shortly after a transgender maniac murdered six Christians – three of them children – at a Christian school in Nashville[…]A great deal of information is still coming out and, as such, I can only verify what information is available as of this writing. And while small details may change, I am prepared to stand by the contents of this article

First and foremost, I want to express my condolences to the families of the lives lost in Nashville[…]
With that being said, and in no way to make light of this evil, the events of March 27, 2023, represent a turning point in the “transgender” debate, one that I feared would arrive. Christians were targeted by a deranged woman, under the delusion that she was a man, because, as Christians, we cannot abide by her sickness. We do not do so out of hatred for her, or those like her, but out of love. To admonish the sinner is an act of love[…]
The transgender movement has been rapidly radicalizing for the past decade. What was once considered a fringe movement (even on the Left) has captured the commanding heights of both the federal government and the wider American culture. Almost overnight, the Overton Window went from “eh, leave them alone” to Drag Queen Story Hour, biological men playing female sports, puberty blockers given out like candy to miserable young people, and the mutilation of children’s bodies[…]
As of right now, there is a so-called “Trans Day of Vengeance” – a day to “stop trans genocide” – planned on April 1, 2023[…]
This should go without saying, but do not Fedpost[…]
The Authentic Right should also not underestimate the media’s ability to memory hole this entire situation, they already are doing it with this one[…]
Keep your wits about you, never stop advocating for Christianity and civilization, and, very critically, prepare to defend yourselves. Most of all, pray

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[From "In Defense of Slavery"]

The United States has tried desperately to impose a collective guilt upon the South for the “peculiar institution” of slavery. Like most Yankee mythologies, their arguments are grounded in partial truths and revisionist history[…]Southerners have been forced to make a choice: support their historic icons and monuments which are now equated to a support for slavery or reject them[…]
Well before the South was created, humans have taken other humans and impressed them into service[…]
That which made the African slave trade unique was its predatory fraternal nature. In Africa, a superior tribe would defeat an inferior tribe, enslave them[…]
That which made African slaves so appealing were multifold. To begin, the climate of Dixie was unlike the Anglo-Celtic islands from which early Southerners derived. The fair skinned Anglos were not built to work in the overwhelming heat of Virginia or the Carolinas in the 1600s[…]
The fact that the United States[…]was neither unique globally nor inconsistent with Christian norms. Slavery was a biblical institution[…]Slaves were treated much like valuable livestock[…]They were certainly treated better than their captors treated them in Africa

With the exception of a handful of slave owners in the United States who mistreated their slaves, Africans and later blacks enjoyed parallel societies that would eventually become the basis of self-imposed segregated communities in Dixie[…]
Did the South need slaves? Absolutely the South needed slaves. The United States needed slaves. Southerners have nothing for which to be ashamed. They enjoyed the benefits of a timeless institution, endorsed by God Himself, and built a powerful nation-state through the use of human labor[…]
Was slavery wrong? No, it was not wrong. The only thing that was wrong was ending the institution without a viable plan to return them to Africa

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[From "We Are Not Equal in God’s Eyes"]

There is a bizarre religion that permeates the West. It is a false faith predicated on universal equality[…]Leftists have weaponized scripture without context, and as usual, ill-informed “Christians” bought into the narrative. They often cite Galatians 3:28[…]His myriad of epistles point out stark differences between men and women, Jews and Greeks, and the role of slaves[…]God made the nations, races, ethnicities, and sexes[…]We are not equal in God’s eyes

The first and most prolific lie is the equality of the sexes. Men and women are not equal[…]The Bible tells us that men are to enjoy a leadership role; women are to submit[…]
As it pertains to the races, inequality exists, too. Ignoring for a moment the litany of studies regarding mental acuity and impulse control, consider the simple physical differences between blacks and Whites[…]It should be no surprise that blacks are designed for the geographic challenges of Africa versus Ireland or Russia[…]
None of these people are equal[…]They have an unequal purpose on the earth[…]
Among individuals[…]there is clearly no equality[…]
Why is this important? The equality myth is often weaponized to disarm Whites, especially White Christians. I state that it harms Christians more than non-Christian Whites[…]because most Christians are raised to believe all races and ethnicities can be saved by Jesus Christ[…]
The notion of equality under the law (a secular concept) is drawn out to undermine faith-based arguments at a macro level[…]
We see the most devastating application of this concept in the amorphous idea of democracy. God loathes democracy. Democracy is the belief of equality applied in politics[…]
The eighteen-year-old female who is in-love with herself and the latest heartthrob has the same vote as I do – a landowner, businessman, father, husband

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[From "The Trump Raid and the End of the United States"]

I was shocked to see that former President of the United States, Donald Trump, had his home raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigations[…]U.S. has enjoyed unprecedented stability because it did not raid the homes of political rivals[…]
It is important to note that this raid is more than just Trump[…]The fact that they can attempt the gulag treatment on Trump should be a massive wake-up to any powerless, ordinary citizen with an unpopular view[…]
I have been critical of “45” for years. Like most dissidents, I am disappointed in Donald Trump for many reasons[…]He should have been more aggressive regarding the removal of far-left activists within the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigations[…]
The military of 2022 is not the military of 1990. There is not a single Constitutional Conservative above the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Franco is not coming to save us[…]
Southern Nationalists would argue that the consent of the governed was destroyed in 1865. Regardless, the façade of an elected representative government endured until now

In 2016, the citizenry chose Donald Trump. For four years, the unelected entities harassed and targeted the will of the people[…]
They failed to protect the right of dissidents to express their personal conscience at Charlottesville. They failed to hold accountable those individuals who manipulated the FISA Courts to weaponize the FBI against the candidate of a major political party. They failed to defend those who peacefully protested on January 6th, 2021[…]
The United States is dead. It cannot be revived. This is the regime flexing on you, the worthless American vote[…]
The raid on Trump should be a wake-up call that the Yankee government cannot be reformed. It is gone. The Constitution will not protect him. The Constitution will not protect you. Secession will

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[From "Plague Prevention"]

Watching how the media has handled the development of the monkeypox outbreak has been fascinating because it shows just how brazen they are, how much they hate normal Christians, and how much they will do anything to defend the alphabet people[…]homosexual men who have a compulsive desire to engage in extremely risky sexual activity, the consequences be damned[…]
That this comes not even two years after they cheerlead for destroying people’s lives who just wanted to engage in normal activities. It really reveals the depths of their hatred. Trying to keep your family business afloat? Selfish bastard! Refuse to stop having gay orgies? Oh, that’s your call[…]
The fact that homosexuals are refusing to alter their behavior one iota should be no surprise. While I would not go as far as to call monkeypox a death sentence, AIDS certainly did qualify as one in the 1980s and still homosexuals refused to change their degenerate behavior. Though the Left’s explanation lays blame at the feet of Ronald Reagan[…]facts do not bear this out. That homosexual men called efforts to get them to at least wear condoms an act of “sexual Nazis” is well documented, as was their anger at New York City Mayor Ed Koch when he shut down the bathhouses[…]
That’s why so much of the propaganda around AIDS[…]focused on heterosexual couples and how AIDS was “everyone’s disease”[…]AIDS, at least in the West, has been a homosexual and drug user disease[…]Bad PR did force homosexuals to change their tune[…]
There are certain trends that make Heritage America better prepared to fight. For one, Heritage America no longer trusts the media or even the medical community, so the move to downplay the disease will have less success now. There was too much leftover good will in the 1980s[…]Degenerate Left cannot play the bait and switch anymore, no one will believe they just want to be let alone

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[From "Is The Constitution Good?"]

The United States Constitution[…]is one of the greatest political documents of all time[…]Often viewed as sacrosanct by the American political Right[…]I did not state the Dissident Right[…]
When I refer to the term “great,” I mean something of enormity and importance[…]The definition of “good,” is one that refers to the Constitution’s ability to achieve the objects of its intended purpose[…]
The Constitution was not a document drafted to endure modernity. It was designed to be destroyed by it[…]
When James Madison likely conceived of the amendment idea[…]never likely considered the fact that blacks or women would have an equal say in the electoral process[…]
Non-White minorities and to a lesser extent, women, tend to vote in a manner that dismantles the very protections enshrined in the Constitution[…]
Women are made to seek assurances of safety by their feminine construct[…]For the majority of human existence, women relied on male and/or tribal protection[…]Women tend to gravitate toward popular political positions that provide safety in numbers[…]Beta males have women who vote leftist and alpha males generally do not[…]
Non-White[…]are engrained to seek immediate comforts to the exclusion of long-term possible gains. This is evident in their choices[…]
The invitation to participate in some aloof concept like “freedom of speech” or “protection from unlawful search and seizure” is foreign to people who derive from more primitive societies[…]
Neither Roger Sherman nor Richard Lee could have considered a leftist voting bloc of black Marxists, transgender psychopaths, and single twenty-something-year-old females voting to limit free speech or eliminating the right to bear arms[…]
I believe the Constitution is a great document[…]It is also deeply flawed. The Constitution will collapse

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[From "The False Premise: “Love is Love”"]

The use of the Bible to support the Alphabet People’s propaganda is even more tiresome. They glean passages from the NIV Bible and then wonder why some consider the argument false. The use of this propaganda has led to lesbian women presiding over the pulpit. This is unacceptable for many reasons, but the narrative and argument are built on a false premise

The Alphabet Peoples of the world have fundamentally distorted the relationship of love and God. I have heard the argument many times of, “How can you deny that these two individuals love one another? Would you deny them love?” This is usually followed up with the Bible verse, “He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.” (1 John 4:8 KJV). I will usually respond with something along the lines of adultery can be considered “love” under the same rules, but it is still a sin
I will admit that many of the statements regarding love and God in the Bible would confound me as a child[…]Even in my teens and early adulthood this bothered me. I could not understand how God created the flood and also the concept of love. When I became a father, I began to understand this concept on a much different level. As a father, it is my duty to correct my children, and this came from a place of love
The next two statements are the same passage in the Bible, but one is from the New International Version and the other from the King James Version[…][1 Cor. 13:4-5]

With six different words combined into one word, it is obvious that it can be misunderstood[…]Majority of the arguments from the Alphabet People equates love to a simple, ambiguous feeling
Do not fall for this trickery, the false interpretation of the Bible is why no one should feel bad for not accepting their false “unions.” They should feel shame for their sin[…]This is not discrimination or bigotry. These are simple facts

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[From "Taking the Franco Pill"]

I am an avid supporter of Francisco Franco[…]Fearing what the Marxists would do to Spain, Franco, along with several other rightwing military figures, lead a revolt against the Spanish Republic, eventually establishing a conservative, traditionalist, and Christian state in its place. It is hard to overestimate how radical the Spanish Republic had become. It was the enemy of all forms of natural hierarchy – of parents over children, husband over wife, and, most especially, God over man. But, the problem with communism is that hierarchy is a fact of life, and without natural hierarchies, a society is only left with a social order managed by a small cabal of unethical politicians and corrupt bureaucrats[…]
The Spanish Republic really was evil. Remember, the Left was able to get away with portraying the Weimar Republic as simply incompetent, they ignored the sheer degeneracy being openly promoted in Berlin. However, the Spanish Republic was so openly violent, that the Left doesn’t try to deny it, rather they paint Franco’s Nationalists as just as abhorrent[…]
There is an additional advantage to Franco remaining neutral in World War II – it saved him from being marked as, “someone who tried to kill granddaddy”[…]
Imagine talking to a Citizens’ Council member in 1960 about Hitler[…]we aren’t dealing with a cultural coward, but he will likely not want to align himself with Hitler or anyone associated with Nazi Germany for one simple reason – it is personal to him[…]There is a reason why the Nazification of the Klan did not begin until the late 1970s and did not really take off until the 1990s – the GI Generation began to die off[…]
Tell normiecons about this, let them know that far from being a “Mediterranean Hitler,” Franco was able to earn the praise of someone like Buckley[…]
Francisco Franco was a hero, full stop[…]
¡Arriba España!

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[From "Why I Support Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine"]

I have nothing against the Ukrainian people[…]This is not about the Ukrainian people. This is about the Ukrainian government. I fully support the invasion of Ukraine by Vladamir Putin
Ukraine has been used by Western globalists as a base of operations for decadence, depravity, and cultural assault[…]especially since 2014[…]Kiev has been the launch point for anti-White and anti-Christian propaganda leveled not only at Russians, but also Eastern European neighbors, such as Belarus, Hungary, and Poland
Whereas Hungary’s Viktor Orban and Poland’s Andrzej Duda have no love for the Russians[…]they also likely know that Kiev is the center-point of anti-Hungarian and anti-Polish leftist activity
Since the Ukrainian Maidan Revolution[…]powerful, leftist interests with roots in the United States established a stranglehold on Ukraine, installing a puppet government that has done the globalist American bidding for the past eight years
Ukraine’s geographical position on the edge of Europe and on the Black Sea made it more important than Turkmenistan or Azerbaijan. First, it provides a strategic doorway to Russia[…]home to the very few quasi-warm, deep-water ports for the Soviets
Western governments began to place various NGOs into Ukraine to ensure she was turned into a vassal[…]George Soros has been in Kiev operating on behalf of “democracy” since 1991
On their webpages you can see their support for LGBTQ+ causes, as well as support for transgender affirmation and transition therapies for children. All are pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-open borders, pro-Muslim migration, and pro-Western cultural decadence
Whereas I feel horrible for the Ukrainian people, I feel no sympathy for the leftwing patsies in Kiev

Russia was right to invade Ukraine

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[From "Blood, Soil, and Faith – The Fundamental Building Blocks of a Nation, Part II: Soil"]

Continuing our three-part series on the fundamental building blocks of nations, this entry will examine the impact of the soil, i.e., how geography and climate play a role in developing national cultures. In addition to genetics, a nation must be united by the soil[…]
If one looks at a map of the Roman Empire, one thing that stands out is how “Mediterranean” it is, the Romans focused on conquering the Mediterranean and the land around it[…]
The one exception to this rule is the Roman conquest of Britain, but this is the exception that proves the rule[…]When Rome fell into a major crisis and was forced to withdraw from Britain, Germanic barbarians wasted very little time conquering, as the native people there saw little value in remaining Romans[…]
The geographical reality that coherent nations must abide by can be viewed in how Dixie and Yankeedom, although both English, came to be distinct nations[…]While the poor soil of New England meant shipping, and later manufacturing, would be a major component of its economy, the far better soil of Dixie meant that agriculture would play a larger part in our economy, and society as a whole[…]
The Knights of the Golden Circle understood this well, hence why they had no desire to expand Dixie northwards, but rather southwards. Southern culture is a product of its climate, and that culture cannot thrive in a place like Iowa or Idaho. It can, however, thrive in the Caribbean, as the climate is similar to that of Dixie (especially, in the Deep South). Furthermore, the local Spanish ruling elite were similar to the South’s. This means that the Golden Circle could have potentially worked[…]
None of this is to endorse the “magic soil” theory of normiecons, there is a reason Dixians and blacks remain two distinct nations, despite having lived together for centuries

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[From "Blood, Soil, and Faith – The Fundamental Building Blocks of a Nation, Part I: Blood"]

One subject in history that particularly fascinates me is how nations are formed[…]such was the case of the Angles and Saxons uniting to become English. Or, when a former single nation breaks up[…]like when English settlers in New England and the South eventually broke into two distinct nations, Yankeedom and Dixie[…]
True nations must have a genetic component – the people in them must be closely enough related to consider each other as belonging to a single nation. As taboo as it might be to admit today, quite a bit of human behavior is controlled by genetics[…]There are genes associated with risk-taking and these genes range from being nearly non-existent to completely non-existent in certain East Asian countries[…]large element of those genetic cultures is one of compliance and obedience to authority. By contrast, Africans have a very high rate of the risk-taking gene[…]
Nations are grouped by genetics and[…]marriage between people of two different nations was very rare outside of the nobility[…]
East Asian culture, genetically predisposed to avoid risk, has produced a culture where risk-taking is frowned upon. This is not to say that genetics are the sole reason[…]as soon as a cultural force like Confucianism took over, there was going to be a lot of selection for low risk-taking behavior[…]This can be observed in the behavior of East Asians in the West, where there is a far greater emphasis placed on generating wealth safely- i.e., being a doctor[…]Asians typically commit very little crime[…]
There is also a more fundamental reason why nations must have a genetic component – we tend to gravitate and more easily relate to people who look more similar to us[…]
As genetics advances as a science, a certain paradox has developed largely thanks to socially imposed taboos

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[From "Tom’s Trans Classification System"]

If you’re feeling optimistic, I’d like to point out that in any society where trannies pop up on a timeline, calamity is coming next. History tends to be rather cyclical so this isn’t the first iteration of trannies, although it would definitely seem to be the most pervasive and severe. What I’m noticing is there are a set of archetypes in male trannies[…]
We have the Trolling Tranny. He just puts on female clothes one day, changes his name and that seems to be about it. One can infer that they get off on being able to do this to people and there’s nothing anybody can say about it but praise. This would be the Admiral Rachael Levine type[…]There used to be a bunch of comedies made out of a man dressing as a woman, which people seem to forget[…]
Next, is the Sincere Tranny. This is where it gets really creepy, even if you can’t articulate where this stuff is coming from and why, this type inspires great unease and visceral disgust in a healthy man. They get the surgeries, take the hormones and do their best to look like a woman. This often ends in suicide

Next, we have the Demonic Tranny. This type presents himself in the most jarring way possible, juxtaposing male and female features combined with makeup to accentuate his sinister aura. Sure, it’s a troll, but not to get a laugh

The fourth category would simply be what I call the Child Attacker Tranny, often described by themselves as “drag queens”[…]They conduct sexual assault operations against libraries, outdoor events, restaurants and bars, schools, and even nursing homes. They are now being paired with ANTIFA auxiliary units as public outrage continues to grow

The identity of a male tranny is based exclusively on his sex drive and perversions, while female trannies focus on how they are special, unique, and complex. This is because they believe that they deserve more attention than they were receiving as a normal woman

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[From "The New, New John Brown’s Body"]

Murderous lunatic, John Brown, was instantly martyred and as soon became an even greater hero throughout the northern states[…]Various versions of “John Brown’s Body” or “John Brown’s Song” began to crop up in Yankee army camps, among other hotbeds of unreasoning Yankee fanaticism[…]
Parody: The Newer John Brown’s Body, by T. Morris

The bones of John Brown’s body lie forever in his grave,
‘Twas the sons of old Virginny meted justice to the knave;
While the earth his flesh consumed, the fires of Hell his spirit craved,
Where now his soul is burning on

Glory, Glory Hallelujah,
Glory, Glory hallelujah,
Glory, Glory hallelujah,
His soul goes burning on

Old John Brown was a murderer, a raving lunatic was he,
Bloody Kansas was the canvas where his madness grew to be,
Then onto Harper’s Ferry to meet the gallant Colonel Lee,
Now his soul is burning on
By his fated expedition, nineteen men he led so few,
There he stoked the righteous anger of Virginians through and through,
So they hung him as a traitor, sent Beelzebub his due,
Now his soul is burning on[…]
John Brown was Satan’s man on earth, ‘tis truly plain to see,
His Yankee proselytes shall ever eat the fruit forbidden of the tree,
But soon throughout the sunny South the yoke of Yankee we’ll be free,
For his soul is burning on
Now ye soldiers of Christian Freedom let us strike while strike we may,
Give the blow to northern oppression, avenge our fathers clad in grey,
For the blight of John Brown’s folly is fin’lly bright’ning into day,
His tortured soul goes burning on
In the bosom of New England John Brown was born this side the sea,
Consuming hatred plagued his tortured soul so foreign to you and me,
As he died the death due traitors, let us march to victory,
While his soul goes burning on

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[From "Should Women Vote?"]

Before I begin to explore the question entitled, “Should women vote?”, I believe, as a practical matter, we – the Dissident Right – have no choice but to encourage our women with similar moral and political values to vote
The question I posed is not whether we need our women to vote, rather it is an exploration as to whether or not women should have ever been enfranchised with the vote in the first place[…]The introduction of women into voting has devalued the God-given male-female dynamic by which the male is designed to be the Head-of-the-Household
By welcoming potential divisions on political matters into male-female relations, we invite social cracks into the foundation of Western Civilization: the nuclear family. Rather than a male voting for the best interests of his family,[…]women’s suffrage invites the potential for conflict that can resonate amongst the children
I believe the origins of this destructive democratic disorder lies not in the 19th Amendment[…]but the 15th Amendment[…]Once it became law, it allowed the inclusion of an easily manipulated, less informed electorate to augment the voting numbers of more radical 19th Century Social Justice Warriors
The South rightfully implemented rules to curb such easily exploited voter participation in the form of literacy tests
The loss of that leadership position, however, opens the door for younger White females to support deleterious positions predicated on emotional appeals in direct contravention of their father’s wishes
It is not an accident that the disintegration of Western Society almost distinctively begins with the emergence of women’s suffrage[…]American women have removed segregation, empowered homosexual marriage, invited transgender story hour, established social welfare programs, founded affirmative action, and lost every single war in the process

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[From "Vive la France?"]

I’m apprehensive about Marine Le Pen. I recognize she would be better than anything the French have had since Charles de Gaulle[…]There is no excuse for her to have thrown her own father under the bus in the name of “respectability” – particularly when her father was a great candidate who was able to win the endorsement of none other than SSPX founder Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre[…]She is a daughter of 1789. A staunch defender of French laicist attitudes, her anti-Islamic positions have more to do with defending the Enlightenment than protecting a historic Christian nation[…]Le Pen’s status as “Far Right” stands as a stark reminder of the decline of France over the past century. As the meme goes, how to be Far Right in France:
1912 – “Vive le roi!”
1962 – “I think we should keep Algeria”
2022 – “I sure do enjoy being French”
But even as I recognize this, I will still say – “Le Pen must win.” We must fight the battle at hand, and in 2022 France is not taking back Algeria and the Bourbons will not be restored. France is fighting a battle to remain French and that right must be secured first. Algeria can be retaken later. The monarchy can be restored another time. And, this is coming from someone who believes monarchy is necessary for France. History shows that France does not do well under a republic[…]
Le Pen is in a run-off with French President Emmanuel Macron. France has instituted a two-round election system as a way to keep the nationalists from winning, working under the assumption that while the nationalists can win a plurality, they cannot win a majority[…]The Establishment, on both sides of the Atlantic, may love to view him as the last best hope of neoliberalism, but a significant portion of French voters consider him as just another elitist leading a system that has ruined their lives[…]
A Le Pen victory would seriously damage NATO and be the death of the EU

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[From "We Are Everywhere, and Growing"]

The beautiful thing about the Left is that they do not know when to quit[…]they are going for broke in a desperate dash to their total Marxist conclusion[…]You can feel a change in the air[…]
If you asked me back in 2015, I would have estimated that five percent of the United States could be labeled within some sector of the Dissident Right. Today, I believe that number is probably closer to 40% and growing[…]
After Covid lockdowns, a stolen election, a meltdown in Afghanistan, chaos at the Southern border, and an economic collapse triggered by anti-working-class policies from the White House, an anger is metastasizing. Couple all of that with the broad recognition of Critical Race Theory[…]gender dysphoria propaganda[…]clear, anti-White marketing[…]awakening is happening[…]
As someone who travels frequently, I strike up conversations wherever I am[…]Far more individuals are knowledgeable about the origin of our current predicament[…]and the only solutions that make sense[…]75% of those with whom I meet are on some level of White Nationalism[…]
Teachers, doctors, lawyers, and police officers in Pennsylvania all seemed to share very strong, anti-Jewish sympathies. “Man, six years ago, I didn’t care about Jews,” explained one high school teacher, “but they keep f***ing pushing. Now I wish Hitler finished the job”[…]
With the election protests of January 6th – The “CivNat Charlottesville” – many normiecons and Civic Nationalists learned the hard way. Those who were not arrested for their mostly peaceful protest, learned the same lessons that White Nationalists of varying stripes learned in 2017[…]
As a secessionist, nothing could be more satisfying, and the best part of all this: the powers that triggered all of it, cannot put that genie back in the bottle and avoid number 110. We are everywhere, and we are growing

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[From "Between a Sandy Hook and a Hard Place"]

In April of this year, silky voiced crooner and defamation lawsuit defendant Alex Jones was ordered by a jury to pay 4.1 million in compensatory damages to the parents of a child who was killed in Sandy Hook[…]Punitive damage is not designed to make the plaintiff(s) whole, but to punish the defendant. Such a massive award was meant to send a message that the jury found Jones’ peddling of “conspiracy theories” very mean and hurtful, and they wanted to not only hurt him, but to send a message to other people with bad opinions[…]There is a law on the books in the Lone Star State that limits punitive damages. Like all laws, a black robed wizard with a gavel can decide those limits don’t apply “because reasons”
Jones was sued for not apologizing hard enough again, this time in Yankee Connecticut[…]
What dissidents, and anyone to the right of whatever the “center” is this week, need to understand is what these verdicts mean to them[…]Civil courts can much more easily ignore inconvenient precedents and laws in order to get the decision desired by the regime[…]
The legal theory of “innocent until proven guilty,” tort laws, precedent and the basic tenants of Western civilization dictate that the plaintiff prove their complaint against the defendant. Of course, this is no longer how it works. In the deranged, accursed modern legal system under which we suffer, the burden of proof is a sliding scale. What is consistent is that the White/conservative is the one who must prove the case[…]
It will be interesting to see which of our niche internet celebrities and more mainstream members of the Right cool their language versus those who continue being bombastic and making accusations largely free of evidence. The latter are controlled opposition. They’re the ones who set an example that will get others into legal trouble, while mysteriously avoiding such troubles themselves

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[From "The Man: Theodore Bilbo"]

Author’s Preface: The Jim Crow Era, in my view, was Dixie’s Golden Age and provided it with some of its best statesmen[…]
Theodore Bilbo personified the ideological framework of the lowly Mississippi rural population, or rednecks. Regarded as nothing more than a race-baiting simpleton of a Southern demagogue, Bilbo’s true legacy reveals a man who, in reality, scoffed at such a label[…]
Bilbo’s political career began in 1908 after being elected to the Mississippi State Senate during the midst of the increasing rural White populism flooding into the state’s Democratic Party[…]
Theodore Bilbo was not a race-baiting demagogue[…]His first instance of dabbling in the affairs of race politics took place in 1928[…]and he only did so as a means of competing with the Delta leaders[…]While he did show support for Negro repatriation to Africa, Bilbo remained shockingly quiet on racial discussions until the late 1930s[…]
Racial politics again reared its head during the congressional push for the Costigan-Wagner anti-lynching bill[…]Arguably the loudest opponent of said bill was none other than Bilbo himself. He was reared in an area in which vigilante justice was often the norm[…]Bilbo, and his Southern contemporaries, primarily opposed the bill because it was a blatant attempt at federal overreach[…]
He also led the opposition against the nomination of liberal social rights activist Aubrey Willis Williams to the head of the Rural Electrification Administration. Bilbo knew the levels of destruction and havoc such social revolutionary measures, particularly ones spearheaded by blatant communists, could have on Southern society[…]
Nothing positive is said of Bilbo in modern historiography. His legacy has effectively become the last four years of his life, despite the fact he did numerous great things for rural folk in Mississippi

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[From "Giorgia Meloni’s Victory"]

I was very pleased to see the results of the 2022 Italian elections that resulted in the Brothers of Italy[…]This is one of the greatest victories for the European Nationalist Right in decades. To make this even better, Meloni is a genuinely great candidate. She is not France’s Le Pen, someone I have supported despite several serious reservations, as I think France is in an emergency situation and she is the most realistic choice (the chances of Louis XX entering Paris to a mass of adoring crowds and restoring the House of Bourbon is negligible)

Meloni is a staunch nationalist, a Christian, pro-life, and understands that this is a fight for Europe as it has historically existed, not to preserve the Europe of 1945[…]
Meloni’s victory means things are about to get much worse, at least temporarily[…]We must turn to the Chinese Cultural Revolution[…]
Mao understood that the first generation raised in the aftermath of the Revolution had now reached adulthood and were, therefore, less attached to pre-Revolutionary Chinese society than the previous generations[…]
The reason this is important is because to the forces of globohomoism, Europe, at least Western Europe, represents what the Soviet Union did to Mao. There is a reason why the Left largely holds a bipolar view of Europe. Europe, as it was before 1945, is the fountain by which all the world’s evils flow. But Europe after 1945 is a paradise and a glimpse of the world without the Right, especially traditional Europeans[…]
The fact that it happened in Italy is even more troubling to them because Italy was a member of the Axis during World War II. They always knew that their methods had been less effective in Soviet-dominated Eastern Europe[…]
The Right has won a great victory in Italy[…]This victory also panics our enemies[…]Soon to crackdown even harder to make sure nothing like this happens again

Padraig Martin #sexist #racist identitydixie.com

[From "What Happened to Strong White Men?"]

As I am writing this piece, I am at a pub in a suburb that is north of Atlanta[…]As I sit here, I am surrounded by exceedingly soft White men, wearing jerseys that venerate black athletes, and cheering on teams for a sport that literally opens with the black national anthem. This begs the question: what happened to strong White men?
The soft jowls of the men around me betray exceeding amounts of estrogen in their diets. They do not seem to notice the beautiful girls at the bar – behind it or sitting beside them. They are dialed into the fast black guys
What happened to our sense of self? When did we sacrifice our masculinity for the sake of placating a feminized world?
Today, that same people sit at bars and worship black athletes who have established their own anthem in a country that was conceived and built by White people

Where are the strong White men? Whereas some are in the military, I have seen none who have taken a brave stance against Covid vaccinations and leftist governmental overreach
When someone asks, “Why are so many White women dating black men?” look around you. Those White women have been taught the feminist definition of masculinity[…]Those White women have been groomed on a healthy diet of Mandingoes and soy boys – the latter does not appeal to their genetically ingrained desire for protection, thus they gravitate to the former

If you have read this far, take an honest assessment of yourself. What are you doing to promote White masculinity?
Do you want to make a real difference? Embrace masculinity. Put down the video game, dial down your sports worship, wake up early in the morning, make your bed, go to work, provide, and embrace masculinity to the fullest. Your people are depending on you

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[From "The Failure of the Third Red Scare"]

In the historiography of the United States, there are three periods that are particularly noted for a high degree of anti-communist sentiment – the 1920s, the 1950s, and the 1980s. These periods, especially the first two, are known as “Red Scares”[…]
To understand the Red Scares, we must examine the world right before they began. In 1914, communism was a marginal ideology[…]By 1920, all that changed[…]Communists were able to seize control of the largest nation on earth[…]Communist undergrounds sprang into action and launched terrorist campaigns[…]
This can also be observed during the Second Red Scare in the 1950s. In 1944, there was one communist nation on earth. By 1950, communism covered half of Europe[…]Even more concerning was the revelation of just how extensive Soviet spying had been[…]
After the fall of South Vietnam, communism quickly spread in Southeast Asia and Africa and was even threatening the one area of the world most vital to American security – Latin America[…]
Something does stand out about the Third Red Scare – what an utter failure it was. Though not perfect, the First and Second Red Scares did a fine job at stopping communism. After the 1920s, no nation would fall to communism until the end of World War II[…]
I think there are two major reasons for this. The first reason is that, unlike the previous two, the Third Red Scare displayed a distinct lack of concern for domestic communism[…]The ultimate reason for this shift in emphasis is due to the Right being unwilling to push for the full rehabilitation of Joseph McCarthy[…]
Though it was able to correctly identify the danger of foreign communism, the Third Red Scare failed to understand the threat of domestic communism[…]Now the Right is being forced to answer for its past failures

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[From "College in a Free Dixie"]

When Dixie is free, one of the areas where the most drastic reforms will take place is in higher education. The takeover of colleges and universities by the Left has been, perhaps, the biggest reason we find ourselves in our current predicament. Think of any progressive idea[…]and you will find that it has been festering in colleges and universities for years[…]Attacks on the Founding Fathers, promoting transgenderism, the concept of White privilege, and dismantling the “patriarchy” all immediately come to mind
Up until at least World War I, the Right tended to control the education system[…]German universities, in particular, were infamous for being bastions for rightwing, nationalist thought. Southern universities were also once known for being far more conservative than their counterparts in the rest of the United States – see how comparably quieter Dixian schools were during the upheaval of the 1960s
In a Free Dixie, colleges will focus on the classic fields – science, engineering, history, theology, philosophy, government, language, and so on. “Gender Studies” will be removed, as well as, any of the other progressive facsimiles pretending to be serious academic study. They lack rigor, rely on emotion, and are easily fooled (see the Sokal Hoax)

More importantly, they are the nest by which the Left incubates ideas and then unleashes them into traditional fields (then society at large)
College students have become notorious for dressing like slobs (for men) and prostitutes (for women)
In a Free Dixie, all men will be required to attend class in at least a collared shirt, closed-toed shoes, long pants, and a belt. A tie will be strongly encouraged. Women will be expected to dress modestly. Violators will not be allowed to attend class until they are properly dressed

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[From "Stifling Nationalism: Holocaust Mythology"]

The issue as to whether or not the Holocaust happened is a very big topic that has been explored by thousands of researchers. Holocaust exploration is far too big a topic for a simple blog post[…]The official narrative is that the Holocaust occurred[…]Millions of Jews were rounded up[…]first into ghettos[…]and, eventually, into extermination camps (specifically six)[…]Jews, as well as, other “undesirables,” (e.g., Gypsies, homosexuals, and Catholic priests) endured horrible depravities at the hands of their sadistic German captors[…]and for many of them, ultimately gassed or murdered in some other way. The end result – officially – has shifted over the decades, beginning with a number of approximately six million for all victims (of which, one and a half million were Jewish), to now six million Jews and potentially an additional three million “others.” But a lot does not add up regarding the official narrative – a narrative that is not even allowed to be questioned in some countries
It is important to understand why this topic is important to the South and Southern Identity. The answer is simple: Christianity is the bedrock of the South[…]The misguided belief that the Jewish people share a salvation oriented heritage with Christians[…]has been weaponized against Dixie by Jewish activists and their Dispensationalist allies
I firmly believe that the Jews under the NSDAP were mistreated
While it was certainly a bad place to be, the concentration camps, originally designed to house political prisoners such as Bolshevik terrorists (many of whom were Jewish), were not nearly the over-the-top torture camps of media-lore
Jewish population estimates are all over the board regarding their pre-war and post-war numbers
Why is it that Judeo-Bolshevik Soviets were the only ones who found gas chambers

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[From "Liberators of the Occupied South"]

I am constantly annoyed by a painfully ignorant comment I stumble upon frequently – in some form or another – which generally states, “The Democrats started the Klan,” or “The AntiFa and the Klan – both Democrats in masks”
The original Ku Klux Klan were heroes – full stop. The Klan of 1865-1877 formed the first resistance against an aggressively antagonistic, radical Yankee occupying force. Organized at a local level, with almost no centralized support, the original Klan was initiated by elite Southern gentlemen[…]Someone needed to defend the Southern people, especially Southern women, and the Ku Klux Klan was born from that need
Reconstruction was brutal[…]It was exploitative and overwhelmingly cruel

Third, the Federal Government of the post-war era was heavily influenced by Marxists, especially 48er descendants from the Midwest and radical egalitarians from the Northeast. Their ideology played a key role in the barbarity that would be enacted upon the South[…]Picture degenerate AntiFa members with battalions of armed blacks now in charge of Southern towns with no governmental oversite and a disarmed and decimated local population
The second KKK was a pro-American entity versus a pro-Southern entity[…]More focused on the increasing influence of immigrants, especially criminal Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe[…]Deleterious impact of organized Northern Catholics – namely the Irish – who were undermining the United States with pro-labor union and progressive policies
The original Klan began as a lighthearted attempt to entertain townspeople in Pulaski, Tennessee, beginning around Christmas 1865. It would soon become a Southern resistance army
The original Klan was a fraternity of men, dedicated to the South and their Scots-Irish heritage

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[From "Blood, Soil, and Faith – The Fundamental Building Blocks of a Nation, Part III: Faith"]

For the third and final part of this series, we will look at the religious component of this process. In a secular age, religion tends to be ignored. However, much like genetics, just because something is considered taboo does not mean it is incorrect[…]
Religion plays another key role in how nations are formed – people with radically different religions, even if closely related both genetically and living in a similar climate, cannot form a coherent nation. Notice I wrote “radically” different religions[…]
Perhaps one of the most critical examples regarding religion and nation-building can be observed in the former Yugoslavia. The nations of Yugoslavia were genetically similar (South Slavs) and share a similar Balkan climate, but they could not form a single nation because of the differences between the Catholics, Orthodox, and Muslims[…]
This should not be taken as a call to deport all non-Catholics and non-Protestants out of Dixie, I know many good Southerners who are Orthodox, including several who are Southern Nationalists[…]Western Christians and Orthodox are still united by Christ. With Dixie’s tiny number of Orthodox Christians, and most of them converts, there is no reason to expel them. Things get significantly more complicated when we start talking about non-Christian religions, though I think the majority of Muslims, Hindus, Jews, etc. will voluntarily leave a Free Dixie[…]
Blood (genetics), soil (geography/climate), and faith (religion) all work together to form a nation. When one of these building blocks is missing, this process is not possible[…]By utilizing blood, soil, and faith, Dixie has become a coherent nation in contrast to the mess that is the United States, a polity that ignores all of these three components

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[From "The Fruit is Still Rotten"]

I think that the focus on increased non-White immigration is an example of the Dissident Right putting the cart before the horse. This is especially true of the European Right[…]While immigration is certainly a grave problem, it is ultimately not the root of the West’s issues, but rather its fruit. The existential challenge the West faces is a loss of faith in its identity and history, this primarily started in the wake of the Great War and has grown rapidly since the end of World War II
Immigration certainly is a problem[…]Even without immigration, the West would still be in dire straits[…]The West[…]is in a crisis not so much because of foreign immigration, but because a large section of its native population no longer cares if their civilization continues
This is why I tend to hold so-called Far Right politicians like Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders at arm’s length[…]There is a reason why I’m suspicious of them, instead of being an avid fan of Viktor Orbán of Hungary and Andrzej Duda of Poland. The problem with Le Pen and Wilders is that they are, ultimately, defending secular Europe and not Christian Europe
The biggest difference between them, and the rest of secular Europe, is regarding the inherent conflict with Islam and Europe. With Islam, they are honest that a secular society cannot have a large population of Muslims[…]Le Pen’s France is the France of Voltaire, not the France of St. Louis IX
Mass non-European immigration assures that the West never can recover – or, at the very least, makes recovery much more difficult. Without immigration, Europe would still be in a deep spiritual crisis[…]That crisis would eventually end, a new generation would rise up and cast off the baggage of the World Wars with renewed faith in their own civilization

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[From "The Fires that Forge a Nation"]

One of the most important historical realities for the Dissident Right to understand is that nations are made by outside pressure[…]A proto-nation is formed when a group of people[…]comes into contact with a people that are even more unlike them, which convinces them to unite against the new threat
None of this, including the fact that nations are formed by external pressure rather that something innate, means that nations are imaginary or national distinctions are arbitrary. Diamonds, too, are formed by external pressure, but they exist and the distinction between them and coal[…]remains real
The first phase is to convince Dixians that others are radically different from ourselves[…]Southerners met more and more people who were unlike them and they knew it[…]After the Counter-Revolution of 1877, Dixie was able to establish home rule and we knew then that we were different. But the North, now filled with global and colonial ambitions, had a fear that Dixie was going to become to them what Ireland was to the UK
In exchange for loyalty to the Empire, Dixians would largely be allowed to rule themselves and keep their identity, but this was to be regional rather than national, hence the tendency of Dixians[…]to fly both the American and Confederate flags
All this changed when the Yankees began to break home rule starting in 1948, a task largely completed by 1965[…]Dixians began to get a sense of just how different they were from others and more nationalistic feelings were able to develop. This was further aided by something happening that Dixie had been largely able to avoid before, large scale immigration (read invasion)
If White Alabamians had moved to Virginia in the same number as the Yankee, I guarantee you they would not be tearing down Monument Avenue or promoting infanticide

William Henry Whitlow #racist identitydixie.com

[From "And Here’s to Brave Virginia, the Old Dominion State…"]

Anyone with even a passing familiarity with current events[…]is aware of the atrocity which occurred recently in Richmond[…]The last vestige of beautiful Monument Avenue – the 61-foot-high statue of Robert Edward Lee astride his beloved horse, Traveler — came down after a lengthy court battle ended with the side of darkness coming out the victor
The Virginia Supreme Court said tough titties to both, but the argument with regards to the breach of covenant was particularly egregious
The land in question here was donated for the express purpose of serving as the home of a massive memorial to General Lee. On a 7-0 decision, the court made some asinine argument that the values of 1890s Virginia (i.e., Southern values) are not the same as those of a 2021 Virginia which has been besotted by foreigners working in and for Babylon
I have had the pleasure of walking Monument Avenue in better days
Monuments to five Confederate heroes: Lee, Stonewall Jackson, JEB Stuart, Matthew Fontaine Maury, and Jefferson Davis
But the Left can never leave well enough alone[…]The state unveiled a monument to Nathaniel Turner as a replacement on Monument Avenue
To the average mouth breathing American, slavery = bad and Nat Turner tried to free himself from being a slave, therefore Nat Turner = good
That same record offers poorly sourced details about a violent counterreaction fomented by the angry and terrified White population
I do not buy the idea of widespread retaliatory violence, mainly because I cannot imagine the slaveowners allowing their slaves to be subjected to wholesale butchery
Slave rebellion was a very real fear among the people of the South. Haiti was in living memory for many in 1831, and in most of the cash crop counties, the black population was larger than the White

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[From "Whites and Blacks in a Free South"]

There is often a criticism levied by broader White Nationalists against Southern Nationalists regarding the disproportionate number of blacks in the South[…]That, due to the large number of black people[…]the South would struggle with their administration, and possibly find themselves inheriting a black insurrection
What to do with black residents who may find themselves in a White dominated, separate South? The short answer is that we reassert reasonable and traditional standards[…]This is hard for White Nationalists coming from other areas to comprehend
Rural blacks would probably find a Free South more comfortable than that which we have in the United States today. The LGBTQ crowd, transgenderism, pedophilia, and cultural degeneracy is just as foreign to them as it is to us
Urban blacks in the South are just as much a problem here as they are up North. The only difference is that our law enforcement and prosecutors know how to handle them and rarely coddle them, except in the biggest, black-run, liberal urban environments, like New Orleans and Atlanta
Making the economic system less comfortable for urban blacks (as well as other non-natives and underperforming Whites) would likely encourage them to move to places like Portland or the Northeast
The South always had a disproportionate number of blacks compared to the North, yet we never had a problem coexisting with them until Yankee interference through federal institutions. Take away the federal institutions and the South can return to similar policies that were established in the past. I do not mean Jim Crow[…]We would likely see a return to voluntary segregation at the local level for everything
Those blacks who remain would likely have a black sheriff who maintained law and order in accordance with the dictates of conservative, White statewide laws

Tom Shackleford #racist #homophobia identitydixie.com

[From "Plague Prevention"]

If you don’t want to contract a horrific disease, you ought to prioritize your personal hygiene. The trouble is that we live in a world of rapidly escalating biological threats where the old wisdom no longer applies. In the past, this was a simple as washing your hands after a day on the job[…]
Now that Monkeypox has descended upon America, your only option is to avoid contact with pestilence in the first place. This must be done in accordance with the science provided by trusted organizations such as the CDC. Along with men who have sex with men, this will help you to avoid needlessly stereotyping people of different races[…]
Due to all this racism back in 2018 a black male was 4.7x more likely to contract syphilis, 8.5x more likely to get gonorrhea and 6.8x more likely to be infected with chlamydia then his white privileged oppressors. For what purpose is the science withholding information how white oppressors are getting black people sick via their genitals? I have so many questions[…]
I’m awfully confused. The science is real obviously, but it implies in no uncertain terms that your chances of catching Monkeypox are drastically reduced by not having any physical contact with blacks. However, the science also says that this would be racist, and that racism is a crippling public health crisis. And yet, everybody is doing these racisms now because the science told them so, creating a seamless causal loop[…]
It makes the unavoidable implication that the STD crisis could be resolved if everyone stopped having physical contact with blacks, including other blacks. But that just leads us back to the initial public health crisis. If I’m repeating myself, sorry I’m just trying to articulate my bewilderment[…]

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[From "Putting the Genie Back in the Bottle"]

It appears as if the Establishment has been turning against antifa, BLM, and the crazed cat ladies. The Right has long noted just how easily many antifa members were getting off[…]especially when compared to Dissident Right activists[…]There has been an uptick in antifa rioters not just being arrested, but also surprisingly convicted
Why the sudden change from the Establishment?
Scenario 1: They Fear the Gulag
There is an old Jewish legend called The Golem of Prague[…]fear that they will create something to punish the antisemites that will eventually turn on them[…]It allows us to understand the Jewish hand in leftwing movements, while not portraying Jews as the puppet masters of everything we dislike
Stalin is a very good example of this phenomenon[…]He took on a Jewish ideology[…]In the mind of Stalin, the Jews were capitalist devils and, when in power, he acted accordingly
Scenario 2: Heritage America is Broken
In this scenario, the reason why they are reigning in their troops is because they now think Heritage America is totally broken and antifa/BLM are no longer needed. This scenario is frightening because it means what happened in the summer of 2020 worked[…]Interestingly, the last state flag to incorporate the Confederate Battle Flag was removed in 2020
They are being eliminated more as a precaution to make ruling easier in post-Heritage America
Scenario 3: Heritage America is About to Rise
This scenario is the flipside to the first one. Rather than fearing what antifa and BLM may do, if they ever get real power, the Establishment now fears Heritage America and are suppressing their troops in hopes of appeasing Heritage America just enough for the elites to get some heat off themselves
I am unsure which of the three scenarios is closest to the truth

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[From "The Proxy War on Tobacco"]

If I were to list the most influential crops in American, and especially Dixian, history, tobacco would be right at the top[…]Whites have grown tobacco in the Americas, especially the Upper South, for centuries and it has long been a major part of the region’s economy, especially in North Carolina and Virginia[…]The rest of the world has loved it for a long time, to the point where American tobacco is considered a status symbol
Against this backdrop of history, we can see just how bizarre the War on Tobacco has been. I can think of few times when a nation has worked so diligently to snuff out a highly valuable crop[…]I am too young to remember when tobacco companies could advertise on television
Before I begin, let me say that I do not smoke. I’ve been known to smoke a pipe every now and again and a cigar even less frequently, but smoking is not an activity I regularly partake in. I do not doubt the health problems associated with smoking
Still, tobacco is an important part of Dixie’s culture, and it is something I admire
When the War on Tobacco came, all of this was lost. What had been the major driving economic industry, in both North Carolina and Virginia, was gone in almost a single generation[…]Tobacco, as with most agricultural products, tries to adhere to a certain degree of continuity. But that is not the case with banking or Big Tech, the destruction of traditional norms rules the day
When Dixian Nationalists discuss what has happened to Dixie in the past few decades, the two biggest culprits named, and for good reason, are increased external and internal immigration and an education system designed to make Southern children into obedient Yankees
The War on Tobacco was a proxy war on Dixie. Not just by attacking a major cultural institution, but also one that brought in millions of dollars a year

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[From "Musings on a Free Dixie’s Political Process"]

The problem with modern politics is that anyone can vote for a politician as long as they are in a geographic location and breathing. Sometimes, not even the breathing part is important. Just because anyone can do it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone should. Just because I live in the vicinity of a company does not mean that I get to vote in the company’s decisions
The way I considering voting in a Free Dixie is definitely exclusionary[…]The key factors for voting should be land ownership or business ownership
Ownership, of land or a business, is a critical necessity to engage in the voting process. Ownership implies that the citizen has, at a minimum, worthy attributes[…]and intelligence to engage in the legislative process. Allowing someone with limited intelligence capacity, perpetually on government subsidies, or a homeless drug addict to have equal voting privileges with hard-working citizens is disastrous for a polity
In your city elections, you must own land or a business within the city limits and you may only vote once. In county elections, it is the same[…]In State elections and Federation elections, there is increased scrutiny. You must be at least a second-generation citizen, as well as, own a business or land in the State or area of representation[…]You are most likely not going to vote for higher business or property taxes so you can get an extra $20 a week in unemployment[…]Help prevent the “locust factor”[…]Individuals (or groups) discover an area that is prosperous[…]migrate there and vote for things that eventually destroy what made the locality successful
Citizens would likely gravitate toward the State that most aligns with their ideals, should they meet the specific State’s qualifications (North Carolina may have her own internal immigration restrictions compared to Tennessee)