SchrodingersDick #sexist #crackpot

New signature. Does this get the point across well enough for lurking bluepillers?


Men’s attempts to understand women are often projections of their own traits and values. For perspective, a woman’s idea of ecstasy is to be pinned down, incapacitated, and fucked violently by a large, high-testosterone killer. Every time she paints her face, it’s to serve this end. We are entirely different animals. We merely share the same body plan.

so bluepillers stop thinking of women as being just like them with the same desires (desire to be treated with respect for example, and other projections) and realize that all women love to be treated like property by only the most despicable and “bad” of men. That their girlfriends’ behavior towards them is not indicative of how girls are, just how they act towards low SMV men with whom they are in a calculated, transactional relationship.



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