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Serious I quite literally can not imagine or fathom the constant endless stream of validation females receive daily.

Online, offline, females are incessantly inundated with compliments. Get on the bus? Compliment. Order a coffee? Compliment. Post a basic photo? 40 likes and 15 comments.

Having such a full social life you get "busy with friends" and get sick of "clingy" peope. In your worst moments always knowing you have friends just a couple button presses away, real life friends that will come hug you and watch a movie with you.

Using online dating "casually" because you have such an active "normal" ""healthy"" sex life that you want to browse a wider meat market half-heartedly as you know 98% of the opposite sex using it is beneath you and would pay good money to smell your farts or eat your panties or whatever. Actually getting annoyed because you're getting SO MANY messages from people that think you're so attractive they want to have sex with you.

Society and media shoving down everyone's throats that women aren't just wonderful, if the glass ceiling wasn't there women would earn 400% of what men earn, that's barely even an exaggeration anymore they're constantly making up bullshit like "emotional intelligence" to flatten test scores and they spew feminism all over kindergarteners' faces. They fire and cancel old people for not falling in line, even second wave fucking feminists they now call TERFS.

And then of course there's the statistics we all know, on homelessness and suicide, job deaths, we could sit here and go on. We have publicly available numerical data proving we value women over men and no one raises a fuss over it, no the opposite, you're named and shamed if you talk about it which is why we're here and the MGTOWs and MRAs are on YouTube/Reddit, all anonymously.

It really makes you wonder how any female could ever feel insecure or worried about their future.



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