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Why is the pro choice stand always something with emotions, drama and cries and pro lifers more often go with morality and biology?

Because when you advocate for evil, you have to either admit it's evil or manipulate people into believing it's good.

So manipulation is one of the three branches of pro-choice arguments

I think it depends upon the people. On Facebook I encounter more prolifers who are emotional or make poor arguments (what if that baby cures cancer?)

But overall I would say, you’ve got to work with what you’ve got, and pro choice can only spin out into unscientific arguments that devolve into bad philosophy and muh feelings.

Prolife can be all those things, but our best arguments incorporate sound logic, science, and hopefully some empathy.

Also pro lifers appear more calm

Well you see prochoicers gotta make unrealistic arguments about why eugenics and killing babies is alright its a lotta pressure. Also if there isno abortions than it may expose them cheating on their spouses.

They value their own convenience and happiness in life over life itself.

I think it's partially because they don't see a need to actually defend their beliefs. I think a lot of pro-choicers consider their view on abortion to be "common sense", or that pro-choice is the position any well-adjusted person would take. Therefore they don't have to entertain arguments from the other side, because they must be in bad faith by default. A majority of the public and the media appear to be on their side, and it feels like an easy solution to a lot of difficult problems. Mothers in poverty no longer have to be mothers, teen pregnancies can just be whisked away, the list goes on. Not to mention there is a heavy anti-child sentiment among the public, so abortion is a shockingly easy thing to support for a lot of people.




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