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What whites are doing now is completely abnormal. What is the state of mind of a college admissions officer whose job is to practice discrimination against people who might as well be his own sons and daughters? Blacks who work in admissions behave normally; they advance the interests of people like themselves. Whites thwart the interests of people like themselves. This is an aberration of gigantic proportions but Prof. Farron almost seems not to notice.

The last few paragraphs are especially thought-provoking. The one thing that sets whites apart from all other races, is our limitless capacity for self-loathing. I could understand that unattractive white females or beta male whites would want to pull down other whites to their level by embracing feminism, Antifa or similar ideologies for losers. As Rush Limbaugh said: feminism was invented to give unattractive women access to the mainstream. I can also get that white loser beta males and bullied boys would embrace some leftist ideology that offered them the lie that everybody was equal in every way, but even attractive white women and successful white men seem to have been infected by this cancerous type of extreme altruism, the desire to see their own race annihilated.



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