ski #racist

[Let’s ask ski. What do you REALLY think of niggers?]

Nowadays I think of them as America’s adopted mentally retarded child. Sometimes very charming and endearing, sometimes embarrassing and silly, all too often dangerous– ’cause this retarded adopted child doesn’t lack brawn like he lacks brains. Often I think damn, why the hell was mama America thinking when she adopted this retarded child? I’m sick of living in the same house with him (if any White person claims he’s never had this thought, he’s probably lying). Ultimately though, I’ve come to accept him as a part of the national family. A handful and a headache, but still part of the national family.

I see emancipation and desegregation as analogous to the mass closings of public mental hospitals. Sure, conditions were absolutely atrocious in many/most of these facilities, but when they just suddenly closed the doors we ended up with millions of schizophrenics on the streets where they were more of a danger to others and themselves. Just as conditions in the public mental hospitals were unacceptable, slavery and segregation should have been dropped or improved, but I don’t think what’s replaced them is good.

I think we ought to try to do what’s best for Blacks and Whites in America, but that what’s best must necessarily involve Whitey both giving charity to, and imposing rules on Blackey.

As far as specifics, don’t know what the solution is.



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