Craig Temann #sexist

As pointed out earlier, by definition you’re a slut. You don’t get to simply redefine the term so you can claim you’re not one.

Why would any man want to date a slut with the idea that things may go further?

Let’s say a guy does date you, and things start to get serious in his mind. And then, let’s say, you become pregnant (maybe it’s his, maybe it’s not). Wouldn’t he be at risk of being on the hook to raise a child that is not his own? Because, as you pointed out, it takes about 15 minutes to line up a weeks worth of dates when things get a bit rocky. And you’re already considering lying about your sexual past. What else would you lie about?

Sorry hon. As much as you might think that sexual freedom and the desire to be a slut is something you’re entitled to act on, the reality is it has consequences. Men and women are not the same. And all you’ve shown is an inability to maintain any level of long term relationship while instead having sex with dude after meaningless dude.

My guess is that at some point you’ll settle for a guy that will agree to be with you. To him, you and your children will be his life. Eventually, you’ll get bored and destroy your family. Real men, the ones you’d be most attracted to, won’t fall for that crap.

Good luck!



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