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(On “If you saw a stranger foid getting raped, how would you react?”)


I'm not answering this. I'm not fucking stupid lol.
You ironically sound fucking stupid, do you think you're going to be arrested by the thought police afterwards, you are under no legal obligation to help someone in danger, the only "illegal" answer is joining in, and again you can't be arrested for merely thinking about it

I would never join in, but not for moral reasons, but for logical reasons, there's just too much that could go wrong

1. The guy could respond aggressively and fuck you up, now your dna is at the scene of a rape even if you run away and survive the altercation

2. If you both happily team up its harder to keep track of what you did and what to clean up, unless you both plan on exchanging contact information after killing her and disposing of the body, you will likely get caught and then arrested as you can't keep your stories straight, one mistake and you're fucked

3. The guy could have STD's and you end up getting it when you guys "swap holes" JFL

Either way I just don't like the idea of sharing a rape

I chose to keep walking, but in reality I'd probably do a slight variation of two of them, I'd wait till the rape was finished, when the guy leaves, rush her and knock her out, take whatever cash she has on her



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