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(Emphasis mine)

Newsflash! People are imperfect, and collections of people are also imperfect. Such crimes are not part of their creed. They aimed high and failed spectacularly, but at least they aimed. You claim no atheist has molested children? No corporation has protected their own? No police department has covered up law breaking cops? No law firm? No political party? Mob? All non religious organizations full of imperfect people.

Frankly it is mostly due to Christian morality that molestation is even considered abhorrent- a hedonistic atheist is perfectly justified in molesting kids. Right? Wrong? By whose standard? Why should they care? There is no god, and they happen to like groping kids- you live once and then you die.

It is far easier for an atheist to justify molesting kids than a Christian, and the only reason there aren’t more is that atheists are such a small minority. Thankfully most of them still cling to their Christian-rooted ethics (though there is little reason to assume that will continue).



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